VIDEO: Oh Yeah! Kool-Aid Brings Back Classic Mascot in New Ads

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Kool Aid man | Photo Credits: Charley Gallay/WireImage

The Kool-Aid Man is back, baby! But these days, America's favorite oversized pitcher is taking a page from so many Americans and paying extra close attention to his figure.

Resurrected in two new commercials to promote Kool-Aid's new sugar-free liquid drink mix, The Kool-Aid Man still breaks through walls, but, sadly, his deep voice has now been replaced with something slightly more average and less recognizable. And it's not the Kool-Aid mascot's figure that is changing with the times. The Kool-Aid Man's Facebook page describes him as a 7-foot pitcher "living the jug life" instead of the thug life.

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Digiday reports that the Kool-Aid Man will also get his own Android- and iOS-enabled Kool-Aid Man PhotoBomb mobile app, which will allow users to add different images of Kool-Aid Man into their own photos. #ohyeah

The Kool-Aid Man was first introduced in 1954 and cemented his status as part of the pop culture landscape thanks to many memorable ads during the 1980s.

Watch the two new ads below:

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