Doctor Who's Jenna-Louise Coleman: The TARDIS Pulls an Inception

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"It's bigger on the inside."

On Saturday's Doctor Who (8/7c, BBC America), viewers will get to see just how accurate that statement is when the Doctor (Matt Smith) travels to the center of the TARDIS to find his companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), who is lost inside the time-traveling spacecraft. Perhaps her predicament is the result of that combative relationship she has with the TARDIS?

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Regardless of the reason, the Timelord has quite the task on his hands because the journey won't be a quick one. "There are an infinite number of rooms and corridors down into the depths of the TARDIS," Coleman tells "It's amazing. We really get to explore, and it's kind of like Inception because the TARDIS can just create rooms and just make you get lost because it guides you where it wants you to go."

And though we will see beyond the main console room, Coleman won't reveal exactly what to expect. "I don't want to give too much away, but there is a secret room of the Doctor's," she teases. Please, let it be the karaoke bar that he had lied about to Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)!

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Helping (or perhaps hindering) the Doctor is an intergalactic salvage crew. "They're on their own space truck and they suck in precious metals and other things they find," Coleman says. "Obviously, they come across the TARDIS and try to suck it in."

Who will succeed: the Doctor, the salvage crew... or the TARDIS herself? Check out this preview for hints and then watch Doctor Who at 8/7c on Saturday on BBC America:

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