Revolution Burning Questions: Rachel and Miles' History Revealed!

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Monday's Revolutionwas all about revenge and rescue (and okay, a little bit of romance). So who shared a sexy kiss? Who saved the day? And who died? Check out our six burning questions to find out. [Warning: Major spoilers ahead]

Revolution: Who is Miles' one true love?

1. What is wrong with this family? Finally! Some answers about Miles (Billy Burke) and Rachel Elizabeth Mitchell). "We had a cheap and ugly fling, and not a day goes by that I don't regret it," Rachel told Miles in a flashback. Of course, this admission leaves the general none too pleased. But it just wasn't Miles' day. The militia leader had actually asked his brother to help him turn the lights back on, but in trying to take his place, Rachel bought her family enough time to move on to a location Miles would (hopefully) never find.

2. Is this loyalty or insanity? Rachel's leg injury is bad. Like, makes me cringe just thinking about it bad. Yet, Aaron (Zak Orth) refuses to abandon her, leaving Rachel no choice but to hand over the capsule she took out of Danny. Apparently, that tiny little device has the ability to heal gruesome wounds! The twist: if done wrong, it could also explode. Thankfully, Aaron is a genius and no one blew up. But is that really worth the risk?

3. Is Neville actually a sweetheart? After an attack on the rebel base camp, Miles, Nora (Daniella Alonso) and Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) set off to rescue Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Jason (JD Pardo). Yes, Neville actually cares. Who knew?. They stumble upon Jason, who's barely holding it together, but he doesn't want to leave without Charlie. In another shockingly sweet twist, Neville offers to help his son, while Miles and Nora save the girl. And only a week after ordering her murder! You really can't predict what this guy will do next.

Revolution: Who should kill Monroe?

4. Did you believe Jeremy? I love Mark Pellegrino. All Jeremy did was tell Monroe (David Lyons) the truth: that he was the one who pushed his friends to betray him! But Monroe's paranoia got the best of him and, convinced that Jeremy had tried to assassinate him, the militia leader officially killed the last friend he had left. If he had only waited a few hours, he would have learned that the Georgia assassin had acted alone, and now he'll be the one who's alone.

5. What makes you think I'm in it to help people? Rachel doesn't want to help, she just wants revenge! As she explained, "I want to kill the man, who killed my son," even if that means letting someone else's son die and abandoning her friends. There's something really appealing I find in Rachel's ruthlessness. Maybe because it's driven by love. Maybe because it's great to see a passive scientist evolve into a bada--. Maybe because it's just makes for great TV. No matter the reason, I hope she never becomes more empathetic.

6. Could this episode have ended on a more ominous note? First, the president of Georgia tells Miles that unless he has some genius plan, she's going to surrender to Monroe. Then, we discover Nora has been kidnapped by the militia and will be personally tortured by Monroe, himself. Oy. Things are not looking good for our heroes. At least Charlie and Jason seem to have finally overcome their differences (with one smokin' hot kiss!).

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