Summer Preview: Scoop on True Blood, Dexter and Unforgettable

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Summer is here and we have your complete guide to all the series that are turning up the heat this season!

True Blood (returns Sunday, June 16 at 9/8c on HBO)

True Blood is getting some new blood in Season 6. Creator Alan Ball has stepped away to work on other projects, and part fairy Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) has seen her ex Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) transformed into...something after drinking a vial of gore that once flowed through ancient vampire god Lilith's veins.

Does that make him a god now? "We prefer prophet. Bill's more than just vampire and has powers we've never seen a vampire have," says new executive producer Brian Buckner. "Bill and Sookie are not going to get on so hot. But their not getting on is kind of awesome."

What's not so awesome? Humans declare war on vampires, and Sookie has to contend with the mysterious Warlow, who killed her parents. "Warlow is the oldest vampire we've met," Buckner says. "Killing the Stackhouses - that was nothin'!"

While battles have brought together Sookie and hunky vamp Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) before, this season "she's looking to date somebody with whom she has more in common," Buckner teases.

Dexter (returns Sunday, June 30 at 9/8c on Showtime)

Dexter is officially the most beloved character in TV history to have killed 125 people. And with just 12 episodes left, fans know not to expect a neat wrap-up. Star Michael C. Hall spills some details about the show's final season.

TV Guide Magazine: In Season 7's finale, Deb killed LaGuerta to keep the world from knowing how twisted the Morgan family is. Where do we pick up?

Hall: Things are strange. Deb [Jennifer Carpenter] left the police department, and she's not in a good place. Dexter feels a sense of responsibility for what happened and wants to make things right, but they're not exactly connecting.

TV Guide Magazine: Hannah escaped from custody. Will she and Dex hook up again?

Hall: I won't give it away, but Hannah [Yvonne Strahovski] has a significant role this season. She's dangerous and, admittedly, very attractive to Dexter.

TV Guide Magazine: Charlotte Rampling plays a neuropsychiatrist who specializes in serial killers. How much does she mess with Dexter's head?

Hall: In a big way. She has unique insights about who Dexter is. She's spent her life studying him, and those insights might just point us to the end.

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of which, are you planning to take any souvenirs from the set?

Hall: I don't need more knives. I'm sure [I'll want] something. A severed arm? Probably not. We'll see.

Unforgettable (returns Sunday, July 28 at 9/8c on CBS)

How Unforgettable is Poppy Montgomery? More than a year after the network canceled her drama about an NYPD detective with the rare ability to remember everything, CBS is reviving the show with a summer run of new episodes. "I didn't think it would come back in a million years," Montgomery says. "It was like in the original Dallas when Bobby dies and then he's in the shower and it turns out it was all a dream!"

The show will look a lot different this time around: Costars Dylan Walsh and Jane Curtin return, while The Good Wife's Dallas Roberts (as Carrie's new boss), Heroes' Tawny Cypress (as an FBI agent-turned-cop) and Prison Break's James Liao (as a techie) join the cast. Plus, the action moves from Queens Homicide to Manhattan's Major Cases section. Even Montgomery's hair won't be the same. "I'll still be a redhead, but I'm going to do an interesting new Manhattan Carrie red," she says. "Maybe not quite as flaming!"

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