Chris Harrison on The Bachelorette Rap Video: Soulja Boy Totally Embraced Us

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We never thought we'd discuss The Bachelorette and Soulja Boy in the same sentence. Nevertheless, worlds collided when the rapper helped Desiree and some of her men make a rap video mocking the notorious claim that some contestants aren't on the show for "the right reasons." In our weekly chat with host Chris Harrison, he shares the behind-the-scenes scoop on making the music video and explains why frontrunner Ben is causing a stir in the house. Plus: Is the preview for next week's girlfriend scandal a red herring?

Brooks got the first one-on-one date of the season and it couldn't have gone any better.

Chris Harrison: It may have been the best first date we've ever had. [Desiree] and Brooks definitely have something, but when you get that first date it's always a double-edged sword. With it always comes insecurity because you're riding high, but then she's going on more and more dates and you're like, "Wait, I thought we had this connection." So it takes a strong guy to get the first date and survive.

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Bryden had the second date which seemed to also go well.

Harrison: He and Des have very similar personalities and get along very well. I also love that we have a combat vet. I think everyone had a lot of respect for him.

I loved when Des said, "Just kiss me already!"

Harrison: Instead of letting the moment pass, she showed she has the balls to run the show. You saw what she did the first night with Jonathan, and now with Bryden, you have no question as to who's in charge.

The group date rap video: How did that happen?

Harrison: It was genius. When they told me about the idea I was like, "Are you kidding me?" It was one of those things where you have to just go for it. You have to lay it on the line or else it's not going to be good. I have to give credit to Soulja Boy because we were so bad. He's a huge star and I kind of anticipated him to be a little uppity, but he totally embraced us and he could not have been kinder. He laughed his butt off and helped us. He put everyone at ease. It made for a really fun day.

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Ben received the date rose and the guys in the house were not happy. Are they just jealous or do you think he was too cocky about it?

Harrison: I think it's a bit of both. There was the initial attraction and people can tell that on Night 1, when he brought his son, Des started falling for him. But people either disarm that or feed into it, and he almost relishes in it. There are plenty of frontrunners you can't hate, but then there's the person who's like, "I don't know why everybody dislikes me." Well, it's because of how you react in the situation. Do you stick a knife in everybody and twist it? Or do you try to make it easier on everybody? He goes out of his way sometimes to make a little bit tougher.

Next week'spreview shows someone's girlfriend returning. Is that real or just a prank being hyped up?

Harrison: It really happens and it's really horrible. That's just the start of it. That's a crazy moment, but there is so much more after that.

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