TV Host Charged with Killing Boyfriend with Stiletto

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Ana Trujillo | Photo Credits: Houston Police Department

Houston TV host Ana Trujillo has been charged with murdering her boyfriend with her stiletto, People reports. Trujillo claims she acted in self-defense when she allegedly struck boyfriend Alf Stefan Adersson more than 10 times in the face, head and neck with the heel.

On June 9, Trujillo and Andersson were drinking at Bodega's Taco Shop when her boyfriend became upset over another man offering to buy Trujillo a drink, according to police. Andersson's temper flared up again at his condominium at approximately 2 a.m. over Trujillo's plans to visit her daughter.

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The local KTRK host, who went by Ana Fox professionally, called 911 and led the police officers to Andersson's body. She claimed he "was attacking her and grabbed her hair and neck," Harris County District Attorney spokeswoman Sara Marie Kinney said, though there were no injuries found on Trujillo.

Police are still trying to determine whether Trujillo, 44, held the shoe as she claimed or if she stomped Andersson, 59, while wearing it. Kinney is still unaware of the type of stiletto used since the heel will remain in evidence until Trujillo enters a plea, which is expected to happen in her July court hearing. She is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

Trujillo's attorney and former employer Lott J. Brooks claims she suffered from battered women's syndrome and that Trujillo is non-confrontational. "That doesn't seem like something she would have done without provocation, without some sort of triggering mechanism," Brooks said. However, Brooks admitted that he doesn't know what exactly Andersson might have done to Trujillo to instigate the incident.

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