Top Videos: Kristen Chenoweth Skewers Anthony Weiner, Puppy Learns to Walk

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Kristin Chenoweth | Photo Credits: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

This week, Kristen Chenoweth weighed in on the Anthony Weiner scandal through song, Chelsea Handler wondered whether she should be insulted by her guest-starring role on Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy, and a disabled puppy achieved the impossible. Elsewhere, The Lumineers and other artists covered classic songs for the Grammy Hall of Fame, and a children's choir recorded a stunning take on Crystal Castles' "Untrust Us" at London's famed Abbey Road Studios. Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

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Kristin Chenoweth's Anthony Weiner parody: Kristen Chenoweth offered her (musical) take on New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's latest indiscretions on The Tonight Show. The actress and Broadway star mocked Weiner's sexting scandal with a parody set to "Popular" from the musical Wicked. We're guessing he won't be getting her vote.

Disabled puppy learns to walk: Get out the tissues for this video, featuring a 6-week-old Boston Terrier puppy named Mick who was born with "Swimmer Puppy Syndrome" - meaning his legs were splayed out, so he couldn't walk, stand or even sit properly. But with a little therapy and a lot of love, he's come a long way.

Grammys "Reimagined": The Grammy Awards have launched a web series in which modern artists perform covers of songs that are included in the "Grammy Hall of Fame." Check out The Lumineers' take on Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way." (via Tubefilter)

Lisa Kudrow and Chelsea Handler talk Web Therapy: Lisa Kudrow recently appeared on Chelsea Lately to promote her Showtime series Web Therapy. In the hilarious interview, she and host Chelsea Handler about the decision to cast Handler in the role of Kudrow's character's ex-husband - who's now a woman.

Capital Children's Choir covers Crystal Castles: The latest entry into the "children's choir does an a cappella version of a pop song" canon is this cover of Crystal Castles' "Untrust Us," recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Pretty impressive!

Summer Mash-up: YouTube sensation DJ Earworm has done it again, cobbling together the most ubiquitous songs of the summer into one irresistibly catchy mash-up. Can you name all the tunes?

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