Mega Buzz: Grey's Anatomy Infidelity, the Bones Wedding and a New Girl Sister

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How will Callie and Arizona deal with Arizona's infidelity when Grey's Anatomy returns? -Jane

NATALIE: Season 10 picks up right where we left off: with Callie and Arizona in a very bad place. "[Callie is] reeling, so there's a lot of reactive emotional outbursts and acting out. She doesn't hide it from the hospital how she feels," Sara Ramirez says. "They wind up in the same place they were at in the beginning of the season. There's the extra element of infidelity, but they're back in the darkness of it and they're shining a light on it." Get more scoop on the fallout here.

I'd love some Bones scoop. Do you have any idea when the wedding will actually happen? - Jessica

ADAM: I can certainly tell you when it won't happen. "We're moving fast this year. We're not going to tease that out another entire season," creator Hart Hanson tells us. "I think people assume that it would be a season-ender, but we try not to live up to people's assumptions." But given the wounds that need to be healed, don't necessarily expect it to happen too soon. In fact, when Brennan turns to her colleagues for advice about her relationship, a returning Daisy suggests that Brennan should move on. Fortunately, she doesn't listen to her. "These are two people who love each other," Hanson says. "At the end of the first episode, it's less divisive. There's hope."

Got any scoop on New Girl? - Sarah

NATALIE: Emily Deschanel is coming to New Girl! OK, not really, but wouldn't it be awesome if Zooey's real-life sibling played Jess' sister? It's possible! We'll meet that character later this year, according to executive producer Liz Meriwether, and boy, is she trouble! "I have a feeling that Emily has a pretty busy schedule with Bones, [but] I'm excited to cast the sister; I think it'll be really fun." Send your casting suggestions below!

Any new spoilers on NCIS: Los Angeles? - Marc

ADAM: Executive producer (and hyperbolic quote-giver) Shane Brennan insists that the conclusion of last year's cliff-hanger in the Season 5 premiere "will have the greatest consequence of any story we've told." So what does that mean exactly? Although it's safe to assume that Sam and Deeks will escape torture, their emotional scars won't heal instantly. In fact, the post-traumatic stress will be too much for somebody to bear. "This season, someone will leave the team," Brennan reports. Guesses?

Do you have more details on Regina's love interest on Once Upon a Time? - Micah

NATALIE: We'll meet her love interest very early on in the season, which presumably means that he or she hails from Neverland. "It's a side of the character of Regina we've only touched upon in the first two seasons," executive producer Adam Horowitz says. "We're excited to see more of that and more importantly to explore her capacity for love." Does anyone else think she could be paired with him?

Do you have any scoop on the final season of How I Met Your Mother? - Evan

ADAM: The third episode, "The Broken Code," will address Ted's reawakened feelings for Robin after their moment in the rain. But don't get excited. "Ultimately, this is the story of Ted letting go of the wrong girl so he can be with the right girl," executive producer Carter Bays says. (Well, duh.) "There's a few secrets floating out there that we know of and there may be more that we don't know of. The fun thing about a wedding is that it's just not the time or place to air your dirty laundry. And yet there's a lot of dirty laundry, and it's about to come exploding out."

So excited that Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson are playing mother and daughter on American Horror Story: Coven! - Rachel

NATALIE: "Who doesn't want to be Jessica Lange's daughter?" jokes Paulson, who also played Laura Wingfield to Lange's Amanda in Broadway's Glass Menagerie. Unfortunately, this mother-daughter relationship is fraught with contention. "Our characters are very different kind of women and that's where the conflict comes, but I'm her child, so there's some question as to why I'm different," she says. And just wait until you meet Lange's new character Fiona. "She's not Constance from Season 1, actually," executive producer Tim Minear says. "She's much, much worse."

Got any Castle scoop that doesn't involve the proposal? What about Ryan's impending fatherhood? - Gina

ADAM: The prospect of becoming a daddy will definitely affect Ryan's work this season. "You're going to see a lot of choices that Ryan is going to make [about] how he feels about being a cop at this point," Seamus Dever tells us. "We're going to see him be a little uncomfortable with being in the line of fire and being in danger's way. It's also going to affect his relationship with Esposito." Does this mean that the bromance could be over? "They're no longer single dudes," Dever says. "Ryan is like, 'I have to go home and see the wife. That's the way it is.'"

Any scoop on Revenge? - Harold

NATALIE: Get ready for people to switch teams! After losing Emily to Daniel, Aiden seeks other allies. "That's what's interesting about Aiden this year; he's sleeping with the enemy a little bit!" Barry Sloane spilled to us. So who is he working with? "I've been working a lot with Madeleine [Stowe]," he teases. Ruh-roh.

Any new hints you can give us about the new season of Hawaii Five-0? - Whitney

ADAM: Although executive producer Peter Lenkov hints that we won't see Mama McGarrett in the early part of the season, he insists that we will get answers regarding her mysterious past with Wo Fat. Doris' absence also won't stop us from meeting more McGarretts: Recently announced guest star Carol Burnett will play McGarrett's aunt, who comes to Oahu with a secret plan to reunite the entire clan for Thanksgiving. As for the rest of Five-0 family, Danny's relationship with Autumn Reeser's Gabrielle may once again be over before it starts. "I can tell you that their relationship will hit a bump," Lenkov says. "And in a way, Danny's daughter Grace will be that bump."

Thanks for the Scandalscoop. What else can you tease? - Jessie

NATALIE: While Olivia and her associates are dealing with the fallout of Mistress-gate, a flashback within the first two episodes will likely shed light on those illicit, pre-election days, Darby Stanchfield says. "We find out answers to things we thought we already knew, but they're totally not like you think," she says.

I'd love some spoilers for the CSI premiere. - Shawn

ADAM: You might want to grab some hankies. Although this year's first episode once again deals with the team searching for a kidnapped loved one, executive producer Don McGill warns fans to prepare for a less rosy outcome than a year ago. "A person close to the CSI family will die," he reports. "The first image of the premiere is a memorial service. If fans look closely, they will notice some faces missing. So the question is: Who's in the casket?" Although McGill says that everyone on the team is touched by the loss, look for D.B. Russell to take it particularly hard. "He's in crisis by the end; he feels responsible," McGill says. "The decisions he made, he really will have to pay for. We'll see as the season progresses that there may be some questioning of his purpose."

How will Leslie Knope deal with Ann leaving on Parks and Recreation? - Jonah

NATALIE: Not well! "It doesn't take long for the news to get to Leslie," executive producer Mike Schur says. "When Ann makes the decision, the first thing she does is tell Leslie because she knows it's going to be a thing. Leslie is in the middle of trying to manage a very large thing and she basically spirals super-hard and ends up taking out her feelings - instead of talking to Ann about the issue - on a bunch of people for no good reason."

What can you tell me about the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy? - Frank

ADAM: This season's major antagonist, Donal Logue's former U.S. Marshal Lee Toric, proves how formidable he can be in the premiere when he attempts to turn an incarcerated Clay against the club. (Unfortunately for Jax & Co., Clay finds Toric's offer to be plenty tempting.) Meanwhile, Tara will take a very "hands-on," do-it-yourself approach to surviving her time in the Big House. And if you think Tara being in jail is the biggest threat to her relationship with Jax, think again.

Natalie's Mega Rave: It's awesome to see Sookie take control of her destiny on True Blood, but it's even better to see her not take sh-- from anyone, especially Billith.

Adam's Mini Rant: I know Grace Gummer is cute and all, but does The Newsroom really expect us to believe Jim would give her his long-sought-after interview with Romney?

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