Top Videos: Shark Week, a Breaking Bad Musical, The Office Audition Tapes

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Great White Shark | Photo Credits: Jeff Kurr/Discovery Channel

This week, Kristen Wiig played Patty Hearst on Comedy Central's Drunk History,Mumford & Sons enlisted the help of some comedians to spoof themselves in a new music video, and a group of middle school students put on a Breaking Bad musical. NBC released a slew of audition tapes for The Office, featuring the likes of Adam Scott, Seth Rogen and more. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots teamed up with Robin Thicke to cover Thicke's song "Blurred Lines" using classroom instrumentsOh, and the Discovery Channel celebrated Shark Week! Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

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Jimmy Fallon's "Blurred Lines": Check out this inventive take on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," featuring Jimmy Fallon and The Roots playing shakers, blocks, a xylophone and other classroom instruments.

The Office audition tapes: Could you imagine Seth Rogen as Dwight? Eric Stonestreet as Kevin? What about Kathryn Hahn as Pam and Adam Scott as Jim? It almost happened. Check out these long-lost audition tapes from The Office:

Mumford & Sons music video: Mumford & Sons recruited Will Forte, Ed Helms, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis to star as the band members in their new video for "Hopeless Wanderer."

Vlogumentary: This trailer for Vlogumentary, Shay Carl's documentary about people who chronicle events in their lives through YouTube videos, might bring tears to your eyes. (via Tubefilter)

Breaking Bad musical: We can't decide what's our favorite part about this middle school musical production of Breaking Bad (in which "rock candy" is substituted for methamphetamine). Is it the spelling out of "cancer" using elemental symbols? The "I Am the One Who Knocks" song? Or Tio's sudden appearance? Really, the whole thing is worth a look.

Baby elephant plays in a kiddie pool: The name really says it all with this one. The elephant's mother seems unamused, however.

Shark Week web exclusive: If you're looking for a supplement to Discovery Channel's nightly Shark Week television specials, check out this short film, exclusively available online, in which a team of researchers try to figure out why schools of Great White Sharks migrate across the Pacific Ocean every year - and have some close encounters along the way.

Drunk History, Patty Hearst edition: Kristen Wiig brought her A-game to Comedy Central's Drunk History this week, to play kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst. Check out this clip.

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