5 Things You Don't Know About Capture's Luke Tipple

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Luke Tipple | Photo Credits: Eddy Chen/The CW

The chase-or-be-chased craziness of Capture continues as the remaining teams face another round of challenges doled out to them by host Luke Tipple. But who is this Aussie overseeing The CW's Hunger Games-meets-tag competition? Turns out, he's more than just a pretty - and pretty familiar-looking - face.

1. He's a marine biologist. Tipple, who's made a few appearances onShark Week, has literally stared death in the face. "I've had a 16-foot great white come straight at me. What it was probably doing was testing my viability as prey. Sharks aren't stupid."

2. He's a former equestrian. "[The producers] asked me if I could ride a horse, and I actually used to do show-jumping competitions when I was young," Tipple reveals. "So they asked me if I would joust, and I was like, 'Hell, yeah!' I've wanted to joust since I saw A Knight's Tale."

3. He wears his Aussie pride. Tipple has a tattoo of the Australian Southern Cross. "I got it because I was homesick from traveling so much," he says.

4. He's considerate. Capture was shot near California's Sierra Madre Mountains, which meant brutal heat during the day and near-frostbite at night for the contestants. Tipple downplayed his cushier accommodations. "I didn't want to rub that in the contestants' faces," he says.

5. And he is not Matthew Morrison. "People always stop me and think I'm from Glee!" he says. And even though he's not "a real watcher" of Fox's musical program, Tipple tuned in to catch a glimpse of his curly haired doppelgänger. "I checked it out and was like, 'OK, I can see it.' It's quite a compliment!"

Capture airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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