Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Puttin' on the Ritz"

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Grey's Anatomy celebrated its 200th episode Thursday with a spectacular fundraising gala that ends in the OR. While the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial try to pump donors for money, one of the circus acts at the gala ends up getting hurt. Instead of losing their chance to help the hospital, Jackson turns the situation into show-and-tell, and invites the donors back to the hospital to see how the doctors treat the patients. Let's check out the top moments from the episode:

Daddy issues: When a junkie is brought into the hospital, Alex recognizes him and thinks he could be the father he hasn't seen in 20 years. A DNA test proves Alex is right, but he's not happy about it.

Old fashioned competition: When Jackson announces that whichever department raises the most money will get 10 percent, the docs play dirty. Derek uses his juggling skills, and Meredith and Cristina flirt, but it's Callie who really crosses the line when she says that her wife died in the place crash.

Whuck: Since most every doctor is gone at the gala, Shane and Stephanie end up being rock stars in the ER. They have so much fun that Stephanie isn't even mad anymore that Jackson didn't invite her to the gala. But it all takes a weird turn when Shane decides to kiss her ... right when Jackson walks in. But Stephanie is able to explain that she really does want to be with Jackson and all is resolved.

Drunken fun: When April comes across Arizona crying in a storage closet back at the hospital - and then finds out that Callie is telling people her wife is dead - she decides to steal champagne from the gala and the duo get drunk together. Arizona is open about being a cheater, which is a good start. But hilarity ensues when a drunk April asks an equally drunk Arizona if she can try on her prosthetic leg!

Death and all his friends: Since Richard is refusing care, Bailey decides to put her racist patient who is desperate to live in the same room in hopes that he'll push Webber to want to live. Thankfully, her plan works.

New love interest: While Owen is trying to get money at the gala, he hits it off with a woman named Emma (Shameless' Marguerite Moreau). However, it turns out that Emma is from a rival hospital which also suffered during the super-storm and she's trying to poach their donors. The only reason she is chatting with Owen is because she's attracted to him. Though Cristina initially gets in the way, she eventually relents and lets Owen begin the process of moving on. SCOOP: I can reveal that Moreau will be sticking around for several episodes, which you'll get more details about next week here at Breathe, C/O fans.

What did you think of the 200th episode? Are you happy that Owen met someone new? Or are you worried? Hit the comments!

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