The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Andi Would Make a Fantastic Bachelorette

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If only the walls of The Bachelor's fantasy suite could talk.

What started out as a great date between Juan Pablo and Andi seemingly turned into a nightmare by the next morning. Although the former came away thinking the duo's evening together went well, Andi had a totally different take, later explaining that it was beyond awful. Andi later removed herself from the competition, but on the way out she tried (and failed) to explain to Juan Pablo why she felt he was inappropriate during the night. Plus: She straggled with how little Juan Pablo seemed to care that she was leaving.

So did Andi go overboard or was she justified in her anger? And now that she's out, is she a front-runner to become the next Bachelorette? Host Chris Harrison weighs in.

Before we get to Andi, any comments on Clare's and Nikki's dates?

Chris Harrison: Nikki's relationship has become the most organic and the easiest for Juan Pablo. Clare is still clearly conflicted about the thing in Vietnam and everything since then because her hometown wasn't that smooth either. When there are issues, it's more difficult. At this point, you're really trying to just enjoy and find love. So, I think Clare is feeling stressed about it.

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During deliberation, you pushed Juan Pablo on his use of the word "like."

Harrison: He doesn't use the word love a lot. A lot of Bachelors are protective like, "I'm not going to say my wife is in the room if I don't know it yet," and I get that. But Juan Pablo was extra careful about using those words and the women notice that. They know The Bachelor vernacular and they're waiting for those things.

Ok on to Andi. When you were in deliberation, did you know what had gone on?

Harrison: I knew before we went into deliberation that she was going to say goodbye. We got up the next day and thought everything was fine. We heard from him first, and then her producer calls like, "Um, we have an issue. It was a nightmare." How could two people have such a differing opinion on how a night just went? But when you have that disconnect that you've had with Juan Pablo...

Were you surprised she was leaving?

Harrison: Honestly, I guess I wasn't that surprised. I could see something like that coming [after] Sharleen and others were as confused as they've been and as strange as things have gone. I could see something like this easily happening. tests Chris Harrison on his Bachelor knowledge

People might assume it went so downhill because they had sex.

Harrison: My impression is that it wasn't anywhere close to that. You'll clearly see in the show and at Women Tell All it was never my thought that, "Oh, he slept with her. He used her and it went badly." I don't think it ever got close to that.

Did she overreact?

Harrison: I definitely don't think she overreacted; I think she handled herself really well. The more they talked, the angrier she got because you really can't permeate his reality of what he sees and understands. That really frustrated her. If you go into this and are really falling in love like she was, you want someone to start caring about you and asking about you and taking an interest in you. That night was just spent, in her opinion, name-dropping and talking about Juan Pablo. She's like, "OK, enough. Do you really care about me? And if so why do you know nothing about me? And why would you talk about Clare from the other night?" My only thing is that Andi should've said somethingthen. As soon as something comes up, that's the time you deal with it, especially something that glaring. In Juan Pablo's defense, how should he know something is wrong if you're not going to say anything? Did she give clues that he walked right through and didn't notice? Maybe, but regardless that's a little bit on her. I don't think she came off like a crazy person - I thought , "Here's a woman who knows what she wants and demands to get that from somebody."

Naturally, people will be thinking Andi for The Bachelorette. Is she a good candidate?

Harrison: We'll see how she performs at Women Tell All and how people take to that, but I think she would be a fantastic Bachelorette. She embodies everything you look for in a Bachelorette: She's beautiful, but incredibly smart, strong, articulate. This is no pushover - she's a catch! I can only imagine her demanding as much from the guys.

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What can you share about next week's Women Tell All.

Harrison: There was a lot less cattiness between the girls, probably because Nikki and Clare would've been the main two targets. I think everyone will be anticipating the talk with Andi, not only her discussion with me, but her discussion with Juan Pablo when she sees him. We've also never had a Women Tell All where the women have been so candid about the Bachelor. A lot of it is in hindsight, and now that they have perspective, it's really interesting to hear their opinions of him and how he treated them. It also surprised me who rose up to defend him because they weren't all attacking him. But many were.

What did you think of overnight dates? And should Andi be the next Bachelorette? Comment below!

The Bachelor: Women Tell All airs on Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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