Scandal: How Will OPA Change Now that Huck Banned Quinn?

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Sorry, Scandal fans: Quinn (Katie Lowes) is no longer a Gladiator. Huck (Guillermo Diaz) made that abundantly clear in the midseason finale after discovering that the youngest OPA member had betrayed Olivia (Kerry Washington). But will OPA's fearless leader agree with Huck's decision? caught up with Diaz to find out what's in store for ABC's political fixer drama, which returns Thursday at 10/9c on ABC:

Scandal reveals the truth behind Operation Remington

Huck kicked Quinn out of OPA! What is Huck and Olivia's relationship like considering he did that without her consent?

Guillermo Diaz: It's definitely going to be strained. There's something off between them two. It's the pink elephant in the room that they're not really bringing up, but it's still there. I don't think Huck feels bad about what he did. I think he still feels justified in torturing Quinn because he feels that she betrayed Olivia and OPA. I think what he's nervous about is that Olivia is pretty angry at him for torturing one of the family. Things are a bit off between Quinn, Huck and Olivia.

So Huck really has no regrets? He basically turned Quinn into this monster.

Diaz: I think he regrets showing her the darker side of what he does and how he does certain things to get information out of people with torture. I don't think he thought that Quinn was going to be so, so good at what he was teaching her. He feels like she unraveled a bit and got out of hand. There was no self-control with her and that's what scares Huck now.

How would Huck feel if he learned that Quinn is close to Charlie (George Newbern)?

Diaz: I think he would feel betrayed. He wouldn't feel good at all. He would think that she's slumming and going with Charlie because she's been turned away from OPA and she feels she needs to find love somewhere, and that's the only place she could find it with this douchebag. It's Charlie! It's like two guys that are up against each other, so to find out that the girl he created is with this guy that Huck doesn't like is going to mess with him somehow.

Will Huck actively take steps to find out what's going on with Quinn or has he written her off completely?

Diaz: Huck will always have her on his mind and he's always going to want to somehow protect her and hope that she's safe. He wants to know what she's up to because of what he's taught her.

Scandal: Is there more to Huck and Quinn's relationship?

The constant threat of B613 really messed with Huck. Now that Jake (Scott Foley) is in charge instead of Rowan (Joe Morton), how will that change Huck?

Diaz: The fear has maybe shifted. Rowan isn't Command anymore, but he's still in the world. He's still a powerful force, and Huck knows that. Just the fact that he was fired from being Command doesn't take him away from the world and from what Huck fears. The fear is still there. Everyone is still trying to make sense of Jake being Command now. I don't know if Huck has completely wrapped his head around it yet.

Is OPA actively trying to find Mama Pope (Khandi Alexander)?

Diaz: That's definitely going to come up again. This woman is a big threat. That's not going away anytime soon.

Do you think Huck is ready to reconnect with his family?

Diaz: I don't think that story line can be dead, right? He's working towards releasing all his demons, evolving as a person, changing as a man and bettering himself. If Kim (Jasika Nicole) and his kid show up again in his life, his heart is going to open up. He'll be a much better father and husband now than he would've been back then before they left. I don't think it would be perfect, I'm sure there would be a lot to work through if they showed up, but he'd better a little bit of a better person than he was back then.

Harrison (Columbus Short) has been afraid of the arrival of Adnan Salif. How will that affect OPA as a whole?

Diaz: Harrison is part of the family and we're all seeing how he's reacting to this Adnan Salif person coming back into his life and he's so on edge and nervous about it. We're all Gladiators and we have his back, so the team will do whatever it takes to protect him if we need to and stand by his side.

Scandal returns Thursday at 10/9c on ABC. Will you be watching?

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