Exclusive: Bold and the Beautiful Chief Bradley Bell on the Return of Deacon Sharpe

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Sean Kanan is out as A.J. Quartermaine on ABC's General Hospital and the popular suds star is now pounding the pavement - the one that leads directly to CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful. Starting June 13, Kanan will resume the role of Deacon Sharpe, the sleazy con man who raised hell on B&B and its sister soap The Young and the Restless off and on from 2000 to 2012. So what can we Deacon fans expect? B&B boss Bradley Bell gave TV Guide Magazine an exclusive preview.

TV Guide Magazine: You wasted no time getting Sean Kanan back on contract when things fell apart for him at GH. How'd that fall into place so quickly?

Bell: I had wanted to bring Sean back to B&B well before the decision was made to kill off his character on GH. In fact, I called him a number of months ago and said, "Let's get together and have a conversation." We talked about kids and family and all that but then I cut to the chase and said, "How long are you under contract at GH?" He told me he was signed for a number of years and so I figured, "Well, that's it, I can't think any more about Deacon. It won't work." So it was an incredible surprise when Sean let me know he was going to be released from his contract and that they were killing his character. I was completely shocked - and thrilled! I never thought this day would come. It was my opportunity and I took it.

TV Guide Magazine: So what do you have planned for Deacon? Last time he was on B&B, Dollar Bill [Don Diamont] had somehow sprung him from jail.

Bell: Well, Sean is a terrific actor, and Deacon is one of our greatest characters - a guy who is all about money, power and status, and this time will be no different. Deacon is also the father of our central character, Hope Logan [Kim Matula], which makes him especially valuable right now. We're going to find out that he's been going from town to town trying to get something going for himself. He eventually finds his way back to Los Angeles, ostensibly because he misses his daughter. But, as we all know, he'd sell her to the highest bidder if it served his purposes.

TV Guide Magazine: With Bill and Quinn [Rena Sofer], you already have two heavyweight badasses on the canvas. Is there room for yet a third?

Bell: [Laughs] There's always room for more trouble! And it becomes especially potent when trouble meets trouble. You're going to see some great stuff with Deacon and Quinn.

TV Guide Magazine: Are we talking romance?

Bell: Possibly. Those two will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. I had to laugh when I looked at the calendar. Deacon comes back to us on Friday the 13th, which is perfect! It was meant to be.

TV Guide Magazine: Now that Kanan is returning to the CBS family, any chance you'll loan him to The Young and the Restless? The fans of that show went nuts for him and Nikki [Melody Thomas Scott] and their boozy sexcapades in that seedy motel. We're still talking about it.

Bell: Certainly, I would loan him. I loved that sick, twisted relationship between Deacon and Nikki. But, better yet, I'd love to have Nikki come over to B&B! That's something we've been contemplating, actually. Angelica McDaniel at CBS Daytime has been doing some incredible things with synergy, and Melody Thomas Scott is amazing. And it doesn't hurt that Mel's husband, Ed Scott, is now producing our show, so maybe I can get him to pull some strings. [Laughs] In fact, I would be very confident entering into that negotiation. I want to make it happen!

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