Mega Buzz: The Grey's Finale, a Mentalist Proposal, and a Castle Time Warp

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Do you have any scoop on the Grey's Anatomy finale? - Sonya

We're already stocking up on tissues for Sandra Oh's sure-to-be-tearful farewell. But Yang's heartbreaking send-off won't be the episode's sole focus. Rather, I hear the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial will be dealing with a number of victims injured during a possible act of terrorism. What's a Grey's Anatomy finale without a big dramatic event, amirite?

Since The Mentalist hasn't been renewed yet, will the writers finally get Jane and Lisbon together in case the show's canceled? - Jackie

Funny you should ask, Jackie. "It's a romantic finale rather than a [suspenseful] finale," creator Bruno Heller says. But that might not mean exactly what you think. In fact, after a quick courtship, Agent Pike will propose to Lisbon. Will Jane give the couple his blessing, or will he decide to confront his unresolved feelings for Lisbon? Either way, Heller promises closure. "With the death of Red John, there's a sense of tying [things] up and certainly this romantic angle is one of them," he says.

I loved the "Blue Butterfly" episode of Castle. How will the show handle the '70s? - Kristen

While the gang will again be delightfully costumed, "That '70s Show" is more grounded in reality. In fact, Castle, Beckett & Co. only dress up in disco-era garb to pry the truth from a witness who still believes it's 1978. Unfortunately for Beckett, the witness shares Archie Bunker's views on women, which forces Castle to take the lead on the case - and in turning back the clock on the 12th Precinct. (Just wait until you see Esposito's reaction to Lanie's Foxy Brown get-up!)

Do you know who's going to die on Under the Dome? - Dina

For now, the best I can do is narrow down the choices. The two goners are among these eight Chester's Mill residents: Junior, Phil, Linda, Norrie, Angie, Barbie, Carolyn and/or Big Jim. Some of those are major players, no? "No one is safe Under the Dome," a CBS rep teases. Hit the comments with your guesses!

What can you tell me about Bones'final episodes this season? - Carmen

Booth will continue to be very cautious about taking any promotion that might send once again put him in the line of fire. "He's making sure he's not getting into something that he doesn't want to get into, but that turns out to be the least of it," executive producer Stephen Nathan says, hinting that the reveal of the Ghost Killer on Monday's episode will turn everyone's world upside down. Unfortunately, that reveal may also impact Booth's ability to refuse the new role. "It's an opportunity that he can't really turn down ultimately," Nathan says.

Got any Person of Interest spoilers? - Brent

Carrie Preston will return in the April 29 episode as Finch's former flame Grace, but don't expect a romantic reunion. In fact, given the war between Decima and Team Machine, Grace's return is probably the last thing Finch wants. "Finch created [the Machine] as a black box... to avoid a situation where someone with absolute power could corrupt absolutely," executive producer Jonathan Nolan says. "Samaritan doesn't have any of those checks in place, so Greer and Decima are free to use it to give them as much leverage as possible over their enemies. Harold Finch has precisely one point of leverage - and that's Grace."

I'm excited that Donal Logue is sticking around on SVU. What's coming up for the squad with him in charge? - Martin

His promotion is going to cause all kinds of drama in the squad room. For starters, Murphy's past relationship with Detective Rollins will rub Benson the wrong way. "Olivia cannot trust [Amanda] at all, and now this guy [is] in charge of the unit and he's the one person in the world who trusts Amanda," executive producer Warren Leight says. But Benson isn't the only one who'll be in an awkward spot. "Nick came up to him and sucker-punched him on the street. [It's] not ideal that Murphy is now his boss."

Victoria has finally figured out Emily is avenging David's death on Revenge! What happens when she figures out the final piece to the puzzle? - Penny

We wouldn't dare spoil such a thing! But it sounds like you won't have to wait much longer to find out. "Victoria is getting close," executive producer Sunil Nayar says. "That very question is the point we're racing towards at the end of the season."

I need some Hawaii Five-0 scoop! - Helen

The usually straight-laced Grover will steal from McGarrett's playbook when his daughter is kidnapped in the season finale. "As renegade and out of control as [Grover] thought McGarrett was in the [season premiere], he goes even further in this one," executive producer Peter Lenkov says. "He doesn't have a free pass like Five-0 does, so there's going to be consequences. [But] sometimes you have to turn the badge around to get the job done." Fortunately, I hear the consequences have a silver lining that will play out next season.

Should I take it as good news that Nick and Jess are going on a cruise together on New Girl? - Micah

Unfortunately, I hear the ex-lovers booked the romantic (and non-refundable) getaway before their breakup. (However, they find a loophole that allows them bring the rest of the gang along.) So, no, you shouldn't expect Nick and Jess to rekindle their romance. To the contrary, I hear next season will explore whether they can even still live together. Gulp!

Now that Kensi's back from Afghanistan on NCIS: Los Angeles, will she and Deeks finally get together? - Kylie

Although executive producer Shane Brennan doesn't plan to fully explore that relationship until next season, there is one thing 'shippers should look forward to: the reveal of what's inside the box Kensi gave Deeks back in Season 4. "That box gets opened," Brennan says. "It's a lovely moment between the two of them." Alas, that moment could quickly be ruined by the return of DEA Agent Talia in the season finale.

Stelena. Vampire Diaries. Anything? - Kate

Stefan-Elena fans will love this week's episode, which features a ton of what-if scenes between the duo. The downside is that the scenes are all dreams related to the doppelganger prophecy, which will finally be fully explained! Elsewhere, look for a familiar face to pop up -but the character's return won't bring good news.

Why is Tammy 2 returning in the Parks and Recreation finale?

To win back Ron, of course! "She basically says to him... 'Just because you're married to some woman and you're playing daddy doesn't mean I can't still work my magic on you,' executive producer Mike Schur says. "The rest of the episode is about whether or not that's true." Fear not, I hear Xena Diane proves why she's Ron's true love during the hour.

Mega Rave: Has Law & Order: SVU ever had a better villain than William Lewis, aka "The Beast"? I was beyond shocked when he took his own life, if only because it meant the end of Pablo Schreiber's brilliant run on the show.

Mini Rant: Can we unsubscribe from the Jeff-Britta engagement on Community? If they go through with the wedding, the show will have Britta'd itself.

This week's recommendation:Funny or Die's Billy on the Street (8/7c on Fuse TV) If you love Billy Eichner on Parks and Recreation, then you will definitely enjoy his fast-paced game show, during which the comedian roams New York and yells at people.

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