Tony Vlachos is now a two-time 'Survivor' champ, scores second win with 'Winners at War'

John Connolly
Tony Vlachos during the season finale of "Survivor: Winners at War," which aired May 13.

Tony Vlachos outlasted them all to win the 40th season of "Survivor" on CBS and claim the $2 million grand prize.

After the season finale, which aired Wednesday night, Vlachos took to Twitter to exclaim his excitement in winning the “Winners at War” event.

"WE did it! WE defied all odds! WE won office pools! WE crushed it!," wrote Vlachos, adding that he was "overwhelmed by the amount of love and support! Not kidding! I GENUINELY appreciate ALL of you believers and hope I proved it by the way I played!"

In the end, Vlachos, watching the final vote remotely with his wife and two children, beat out Natalie Anderson and Michele Fitzgerald to win the reality competition.

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Natalie Anderson, left, Tony Vlachos and Michele Fitzgerald.

Speaking to host Jeff Probst after his victory, Vlachos said "It's definitely life changing."

He said these uncertain times show how important financial security is and he is hoping to "secure my family and be financially secure for the rest of my life."

Vlachos, a Jersey City native and police officer, previously won Season 28 of "Survivor" and also was on Season 34 of the long-running show. He becomes the second two-time "Survivor" winner, joining Sandra Diaz-Twine.

“Winners at War” was a milestone season that pitted 20 previous “Survivor” winners against each other, competing for a double-the-usual grand prize of $2 million. It was a provocative season, loaded with competitive moves by many of the best players in the show’s history and shaded with multi-dimensional content featuring humorous and touching segments.

Knoxville News Sentinel staff writer Chuck Campbell contributed to this article.

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