Hideout Lounge, once a favorite dive bar, is reopening with new owner

The exterior of the old Hideout Lounge is seen at 240 Park St. in Reno on Jan. 22.
Evan Haddad
Reno Gazette Journal

A favorite Reno watering hole that shuttered several years ago is being revived by a local entrepreneur. 

Blind Dog Tavern owner Josh Callen confirmed to the RGJ that he is reopening the Hideout Lounge, a dive bar at 240 S. Park St. that closed before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Callen said he hopes to reopen the Hideout Lounge and another new bar, Poor Devil Saloon at 820 S. Virginia St., sometime in the middle of March.

Callen said he was sticking with the old name as a hat tip to Reno's past.

"We kept the name because we're seeing a lot of new establishments coming to Reno, and that's great," Callen told the RGJ. "But it would be nice to preserve a little of the past, too."

The Hideout Lounge was known and loved for its no-frills décor, cheap drinks, pinball machines and loud rock music. But things are changing.  

City records show that in December 2021, the Hideout Lounge property received a remodeling permit that allowed for roughly $98,000 of repairs and upgrades, including the addition of an outdoor seating area.

Callen acknowledges that the new Hideout Lounge won't be the place people remember, but he hopes it will attract old fans and newbies alike.

"Can't really be dingy anymore after a remodel," Callen told the RGJ. "I think the title of 'dive' is earned and takes time. Hopefully we'll get there and be a proper dive bar in time."

The lounge's former owners, husband and wife Jesse Hartford and Erin Fey-Hartford, said the news that the Hideout name would continue came as a surprise, prompting the couple to announce on the bar's Facebook page that they have no association with the new project. 

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