'Scandal' star Katie Lowes, Adam Shapiro are expecting a boy

Erin Jensen, USAToday

Congratulations are in order for Scandal star Katie Lowes and actor Adam Shapiro.

Actors Katie Lowes and Adam Shapiro are expecting their first child.

A beaming Lowes shared the news that she and her husband are expecting their first child with Jimmy Kimmel's late-night audience Thursday. 

"It's a boy," she revealed, adding, "We have zero names."

Though they've been jokingly referring to the baby as LeBron, since Shapiro is a basketball fanatic, an homage to King James isn't in the running. Presumably, Kimmel's suggestions of "gelatin with a 'J' and "Dump Truck" aren't viable options either.  

The actress also revealed how she shared her secret with the creator of the ABC series, Shonda Rhimes

“I told her five minutes from being pregnant," Lowes said, though the news didn't surprise Rhimes, who already had her suspicions. "She already knew," Lowes said. "She’s a genius. She knows everything that's going on in the world."

When Kimmel asked his guest how Ms. #TGIT guessed, Lowes explained, "I think she's in the editing room with us for hours looking at my face, and she could tell I'd either had a really good weekend eating pizza and beer or I was pregnant."

Though Lowes is expecting a baby, she's not sure whether she should expect Scandal to continue after Season 7. "I don't know anything," she said about the future of the show, which TVLine and Deadline report is coming to an end. "You have to ask Shonda or ABC."