Appreciating appreciation

Linda Wallace

Do you like to hear the words, “thank you?” Me too! I appreciate people I care about appreciating the little things I do for them. I think we all appreciate receiving the simple words, “thank you.” 

Maybe the words come from your boss. That is always appreciated. Maybe they come from your husband or your children. That’s a great plus.

Those two simple words are easy to say. They even slip out of the mouth quite easily when we make it a point to acknowledge what people do for us.

I don’t think we can ever use “thank you” too much, unless it isn’t genuine.

It makes me think of my mother who isn’t here any longer to tell how much I appreciated all the things she did for me growing up. I’m glad I took her presents and told her I appreciated and loved her.

I know my dad is missing her. I’m sure he wishes he had said “thank you” to her more. She cooked his meals and did many helpful thinks for him.

It takes practice and effort to be appreciative, don’t you think?

Have you ever analyzed the word appreciation? In the dictionary it says the word means an appreciating; a grateful recognition, as a benefit; a sensitive awareness; or a discriminating perception or enjoyment.

I think a simple “thank you” or “I sure appreciate your help” goes a long way. Those words are motivators. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the value of things. For example, sometimes we easily find a person’s faults, but do we recognize their strengths and value easily?

We’re human! But, if you want people to think about us in a positive manner, we must think about them in the same manner.

As we want people to feel about us, we must feel about them in the same way. If you want people to act in a positive manner toward you, you must act toward them in a like manner.

Emotions are an amazing thing. We can observe our reactions to people, conditions and circumstances. How we respond to any event is the key.

It makes no difference what is right or wrong. It is our reaction, our positive or negative emotions that rob us of peace and harmony, or appreciation.

It is never what another person says or does that affects us, it is our own reaction to what is said or done that matters.

Yes, that is a freeing concept, don’t you think? But as I said, “we’re human!” We usually forget to stay in control of our own reactions, right? Hey, when that happens, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Sometimes it is important to get away from the situation and take a pause to reflect. Life is great. People are good.

When it comes to someone not appreciating your generosity, the same thing is true. Don’t let anyone continue to take advantage of your efforts or your generosity.

You are in control of your life. We all have the ability to say no, and do what is best for ourselves. It is important to appreciate peace and harmony in one’s life every day.

For me, appreciating every day is what is “most important” and not sweating the small stuff, don’t you think. I do like the feel of “thank you” coming out of my mouth. I know we humans appreciate being appreciated. Yes, it’s easy to say, “thanks.”

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