Fixing a Dunsmuir trail

Tim Holt
John Harch of Mount Shasta Trail Association, left, and Brian Wilson of Dunsmuir placing stone steps on a steep section of trail along the Sacramento River leading to Dunsmuir City Park on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Hiking in Dunsmuir got a boost Saturday when a volunteer crew fixed a hazardous stretch of trail along the Sacramento River leading to the City Park. Erosion had narrowed a short section of the trail where there’s a steep drop down to the river. The volunteers widened it and at the same time placed a series of stone steps at a steep portion of the trail. They also cleaned out and groomed a 100-yard stretch of the trail to the north.

The effort was organized by volunteer crew chief John Harch of the Mount Shasta Trail Association. Trail Association members and Dunsmuir residents pitched in on the trail work.

Thanks to this latest effort, it is now possible for hikers to enjoy a scenic stroll along the Sacramento River from Tauhindauli Park to the City Park.

Meanwhile, preliminary environmental studies are going forward to acquire the necessary permits for construction of a three-quarter-mile trail to Mossbrae Falls just north of Dunsmuir.

Tom Hesseldenz of the Mount Shasta Trail Association estimates that the necessary permits will be in place by the middle of this summer and that the trail can be completed by the end of this year.