Siskiyou Cooks + Chefs: Chinese fried cauliflower rice – make it your way

Lauri Sturdivant
Siskiyou Cooks + Chefs
Cauliflower rice served with salmon.

My family loves Chinese fried rice. I have been enjoying cauliflower rice as a substitute for the grain and thought I might try making it. It was a hit.  

You can make cauliflower rice by steaming the florets until they are soft, but not over cooked. With a handheld potato masher and smash the cooked florets until they look like rice. You could break out your food processor, but the masher is so simple with very little clean up. It freezes well so you can always have some on hand.  

Cauliflower rice is available in the frozen food section and dehydrated riced cauliflower near the rice or in the specialty section in most grocery stores. Follow the recipe on the packages for use.

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Fried Cauliflower Rice - Make this your own, vegan, vegetarian or with meat.


2 cups cooked cauliflower rice or rice from 1 head of steamed cauliflower

2 tbsp oil – I used olive oil. Peanut oil would be traditional. 

2 eggs + 1 tsp water – omit if vegan

Vegetables – use what you have on hand frozen peas, shredded carrots, cabbage or kale and chopped celery. Raw green onions will add freshness to the dish when add before serving.

Protein - This a great recipe to use leftover proteins, shredded chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or cubed tofu.

Seasoning - 1 tbsp tamari or soy sauce, 1 tbsp gochujang or ½ tsp red pepper flakes

Pour the scramble the eggs with water into an oiled skillet on medium low heat. Flip when the eggs have set and you can see they are mostly cooked. Continue to cook until the eggs are fully cooked. Cut the eggs into strips and set aside. Add more oil to the skillet add your vegetables and red pepper flakes and sauté for a minute or two, but don’t overcook them. Add protein to heat or cook as needed. Add cauliflower rice and egg strips. Sauté until it is warmed and browned. Toss in the tamari, gochujang and green onions. Serve warm.    

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