Letters to Santa: An end to COVID, happiness, Playstations and stuffies

Barry Kaye
Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers
Mount Shasta second grader Anders Adkisson's picture to accompany his letter to Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is under a lot of pressure this year.

In addition to the usual requests for toys, clothes, Legos and Playstations, he is also being asked to end a worldwide pandemic among other things.

In the annual “Letters to Santa” submitted by second graders in south Siskiyou County and across the country, some students offer advice for the big guy with the red sleigh, suggesting when all else fails he simply chill out, take some time off, and “sit in your chair and eat a cookie.” 

Many expressed concerns for Santa himself.

“Are you, Mrs. Claas and the Eleves staying healthy?” wrote Anders. “How are you doing? Thank you for all the time we get to spend with family.” 

But while on the subject of Christmas, Anders made sure not to squander the opportunity at hand, mentioning that he would also like a Ninja training sword and something pink for his 2-year-old sister.

The tradition of “Letters to Santa” dates back to 1912 when Frank Hitchcock, the postmaster general of the United States Postal Service at the time, allowed workers to open and respond to letters addressed to the North Pole. In a sign of the times, the USPS now provides an online portal for digital letters.

Many contain evidence of the pandemic’s toll on children.

“It’s been a hard year for all of us, but mostly my mom,” read one letter that was posted on the agency’s website. “If you didn’t know my Grandpa died. Since then it hasn’t been the same.” 

That concern about family was echoed locally, although sometimes in more practical ways.

Leila asked for some “fish hooks” for an older family member and “some pet fish he can eat.”

As of press time there was no late word about whether the pet fish involved lobbied Santa for some “Catch and Release” stickers.

Children find their “Letters to Santa” as a way to confide with a trusted figure about the challenges they face, according to child welfare experts. Many feel isolated by attending school online through Google classroom. Others worry about their parents who have lost their jobs and can’t afford to buy presents this year. Often a letter will begin by expressing how much they love Saint Nick as well as thanking him for last year’s gifts.

And, of course, reindeer remain a never-ending topic of fascination. Even the pandemic can’t spoil a child’s sense of wonder about animals living in the world around them.

“How is Rudolf doing,” wrote Logan. “I hear he has a blenking red nose.”

In another letter Rylee asked, “How do the reindeer fly?”

If there is one silver lining from a year many people would like to soon forget it is a reminder of what is important during the holidays.

“A lot of the kids thought less about themselves and more about their families this year,” said Susan Kaye, a second-grade teacher at Mount Shasta Elementary School. “There was also a genuine concern for Santa and how he was doing.”

By Kendall B.

Butteville Elementary

Dear Santa:

for my wish I want a Hovrboard. For my familey wish: I want my familey to be happy. For the world: I want the virus to go.

From: Roya

Dear Santa,

Hello. How are things going? My name is Kendall. I’m in Second grade. I hop I get a few preents. I also hope Covid ends. Thank you for all your hard work.


Kendall B.

Dear Santa,

Howdy. How do you get down the chimney? For myself I want a drone. For the world I watnt corona to be cured.



Dear Santa how are  you and your elfs?, and your reindeer comet? What I whant most, is a hoverboard. And what a whant for the, whole world is my mom works hard. And I whant my mom to feel happy. 

Sincerely Laniah

Dear Santa. How are you? How is rudolph? I wish the coronavirus would go away. 

What I whant most for christmas is a nintendo switch. I sure hope I have one! For the world, I want the people who set the fires would go away.


Dear Santa,

How are you? How are the elves I have been good this year For myself, I would like a nice pair of beybeloude I wish the world could be healthy.

Sincerely Willy

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? You must be busy. Do you have a middle name? I wish for new tires for my bike so I don’t have to use my college money. I also wish Covid would end so we can go places and people won’t get sice. Thank you!


Bobby M.

Dear Santa

How are you How are the elf’s I want a 1933 King Kong and  t REX toy and Alvin and the Chipmunks meet the Wolfman and Alvin and the chipmunks meet frankenstein and Alvin and the chipmunkes meet Dracula and a 7 inch Godzilla toy.

Sincerely Jacob

Dear Santa

How is fler doing How are the reindeer doing. I would like a dirt bike for christmas. I wish coivd-19 will go away.



Dear Santa,

One question that I want to ask you is how did you get your name? One wish that I have for myself is that I want to grow up and be a geologist. One wish that I want for the world is that I don’t want anyone to be poor. Thank you for reading my letter!


Parker Cochran

Dear Santa how are you santa I have been good can I have a Logo frrin set please and for the world I want the corona virus to go away

Sincely Lola

Dear Santa,

How are you and how are the elves? I have been really good this Christmas. For christmas can I please have a new bike and for the world can the corora virus go away.

Sincerely Sophie!!!

Dear Santa

how are the randeer and how ar you? I wish for a colorful odd rock. I wish four the world To be saf like bfor. Have a mary crismis I howp you are okay.



Parker M. 

Dear Santa

How are you santa? I want for chrismis is Have fun and I for the World is the crony to go away for ever. Happy Mare Chrismis Santa.



I lie toys by my myslf. I like Christmas. It was fun at Christmas. May I have a Hot Wheel? I wih for the world a Merry  Christmas. Merry Christmas from


Der Santa,

How are you! I wut a quad for me. Want do you want for you? How is Rudolf? I want everyone to fun.



dear santa

How are you doing? I’m good I have a question do you How rocket on your sleigh I have bing good. for my self I want a Hoppy Bird Sincerely, Quentin

Dear Santa,

How is your elfs. I been good this year. What i want for Christma is a Nintendo swith. What i want for the world is Corona to be gone.



Dear Santa

How are the elfs doing? for Christmas, I wot a minecraft lego set. I wot to the corona virus to end: Sincerely Wesley

Dear Santa hawe are you doing hawe are the elfs doing to I have being god this year I wat the Leog batman Samichruk ples I wish for the covid to go away and I wat nowon to get it I hope it hapins i love your radere.

Jaxon South

Dunsmuir Elementary School

Dear Santa,

I want a new hoverboard, a max tow truck and Pokemon cards. For my noni and papa I want the Raiders to be in the superbowl! What kind of cookies do you like? My favorite is chocolate chip cookies.

Love Landon Martin

Dear Santa,

I want a brand new RC car, a new BMX bike, a new xbox game, and dirt bike gloves.

From Chris Sievers

Dear Santa,

I want clothes for my baby I got for my birthday. I also want new dresses, new boots and my baby needs a crib. Merry Christmas Santa!

From Maci Dillon

Dear Santa,

I want a cat for Christmas. Also another scooter. If I can't get a cat I want a dog. Merry Christmas Santa!

Love Khloe Becerra

Dear Santa,

I want a toy gecko. That's all I want. Merry Christmas Santa!

From Glenda Walton

Dear Santa,

I want air pods, a hoverboard,a new blanket, and a new dog. Merry Christmas Santa!

Love Kacie Stenchever

Dear Santa,

I want a cat and a dog. Also I want an electric scooter and an electric bike. Merry Christmas Santa!

Love Harper Jaramillo

Dear Santa,

I would like a new xbox, hair dye, also a new blanket and socks too, and a new beanie. Some Pokemon cards, air pods and a new phone and a giant sweater. How are your reindeer? Have a nice Christmas Santa!

From Alison Saunders

Dear Santa,

I want a new puppy, air pods and new toys.

From Miyah Holland-Bennett

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want an LOL doll, a unicorn pillow and new art canvasses. Also my brother AJ has been a bad boy. How is Mrs. Claus doing?

From Heavynn Arrington

Dear Santa,

I want pumpkin pie for Christmas. I want a pet dog and a TV to play my nintendo switch on, and a ginormous teddy bear and that's it. My grandma wants us to be good and find a grandpa with lots of money.

Love Noah Loza

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is my mom to be happy. I want new clothes, new shoes, a robot, and a toy car. That's what I want and I want you to pick the best one.

From Elyas Vallot

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. My wish is for a trampoline so I can do flips. Thats all I really want.

Love Keagun Gans

Dear Santa,

I would love to have a real live bunny for Christmas. I would also like my mom to have some thread to sew with. Merry Christmas Santa!

From Aela Weston

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! I would like a backpack, any kind, and a giant stuffed animal, some new shoes and some new toys and that’s all.

From Marlee Binns

Mount Shasta Elementary

Mrs. Kaye’s class

Dear Santa,

We chop you get time off. You can sit in your chair and eat a cookie! Please bring me VR game goggles. Spaceship legos would be amazing! Thank you so much I will wait for Christmas.

From Royce.

Dear Santa, may I please have Monopoly junior disney princess edition, or Unicorn edition. I would also lie a Preent pet, and a Barbie camper, and also Candy land Disney princess edition I’d also like Addy’s school outfit from American girl.

love Savannah Granger

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer doing? Thank you for all the things you got me. I want a nerf gun, legos, and a play camping set.

Love, sam

To Santa for Chirstmas I would like a fur real Frind snow Dragon and thank you. i hope you are feeling well.

Love Sabrina

DEAR SANtA ... I wish for a Oculus vr, a new Guitar cord, last Cristmas I got every thing I wished for. I also wold like a Baby Yoda stuffy, a Mandalorian action figure, a white sweatshirt, and Mandalorian head Lego set, remote control car. And a Nerf gun. Love Owen

Dear santa,

How is Rudolph doing? I have herd he has a blinking red nose. 

Can I have a toy tank and a army shirt with pads, please.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas.



Dear mrs. clause

thank you for all the presents you made for my family and also I want a stuffy that is a pig and a bby chick and a cow but they are all small stuffys.

From Kaylee w. k.w.

Dear santa I wish for a phone and a dess. With popas. I want savnnah and to live with her for ever and ever. I miss you to mrs. claus.

Love Kayla

Dear Santa. I really wish for a drone. How good ar the reeindeer doing. I wish for a new bike too.

Love Jefferson

Der Santa, Thank you for making toys for people and me. Thank you for also making presnts for my family. Santa may I please have a new chaper book. May I pleas have a prpple three fout teddy bear. Please help my mom to be happy.

Love Karissa

Dear Santa I hope you get time off! may I please have a wish me Zoohicorm and a new Karioke machine, and to hoverboards and a alicorn that I can go on and fly on! love: Harmony

Dear Santa

I have been extra good because I have been doing extra chores. Can you get me 2 dog toys for Zeus and I would like a stichy hand and a trampoline? Merry christmas to Santa. from Christopher

Dear Santa,

I wish for a pet alacorn, just one Sleigh ell, a rearing toy alacorn, and how are you’re reindeer doing? I would also like a big alacorn stufy that I saw at The store. I would also like every animal lego, and last but not least a gutar.



Dear Santa are you okay. I don’t know what I want let me thick I want a playstation 5 or 4 I hope for one please and have a good christmas. We have the games all redy.

Love Austin

I love you you are the best guy to give the gifts. I hope you love me. I hop you get time off. have fun may I please have a guitar and a microscope and my mom and dad love you too.

Signed Alex.

Dear Santa I love you so much you are awsome. for Chrismis I would like to have a teleoscope, VR gogles, a electrick scooter, 3 corgi stuff anamls I love corgis Please give me anything that is corgi. Thank you so much.

Love Addy

Mt. Shasta Elementary

Ms. McWilliams’ class

Dear Santa,

Thankyou for family especially my sister. Please bring my NaNa and papa each a gift card thanck you Santa!! please bring me and JC both a omg doll. May I olso have a hamster. Have a mary Christmas!!!


DearSanta, thank you for the cool toohs. Id really like for me and my sister to have ar dad to be home on Chrismis. For Chrismis can I please have a real living pug. From Jules

Dear Santa,

Thack you for my siser and my mom and my dad lola and chloe. I wot to give my siser a pc ps5.

Andreas Wilson

Dear Santa,

Thank you for my tv you gave me last yea Please bring me a ps5.

Brayden Lewin

Dear Santa,

Thank you for me and my familys nerf guns you got me last  year. When we play we have so much fun thank you Santa.

Please santa get my sister a skatbord for chrismis and my mom a free card for any thing and my dad a new santa hat. Thank you santa get us good stuff this year. I want sum Lego sets Lego frends and a skatboard and a robot pupy and a fashin desiner dress you are the best have a mary crismis and we  hope you will get us amasing things and i want a bord that says my name. I want a lot more thins but I dont have any rom Love Claire oh and my dog  a bone a big one ok oh and my cat a bed.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for my rolrblds. Please bring my sister a kitchen. pleas bring me Ps5.


Dear Santa Im thankfule for my bebe guhand phone do not forget the  choklet ranedear. Now for the list I woold a WiiU a Ps5.


Dear Santa, thank you for motor cycle last year. Please bring my sister Air Force 1. Please can I have Ps5 and motor cycle carburetor. love you santa hope you have a merry chrismis.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for my toy pig’s. Santa can you please give my mom a cute babay yoda. Santa please give me a toy puppy and a fox Santa you are the beast Please have a good night.


Dear Santa thank you for all the gifts youve gevn me. I want a toy sword and a laser tag gun and a present filled  with Robux and a  mini gun nerf gun.

merry christmas Santa


Dear Saint Nick

thank you for the bike. i really enjoy riding it and learning tricks. Please bring my Papa Dale some fish hooks and some pet fish he can eat. He was very good. This year could you please bring me a  kitten and puppy.

Have a happy Christmas.

From, Leila

Dear Santa,

Thank you for errething. I want you to  give people that dont have much a  wundrfol Christmas. I  want all the Harry Pottr Laggos.


Dear Santa,

thank you for the baby doll this year please Bring mea Rainbowcorn I hope you Have a merry christmas.

Love Natalie

Dear Santa, Thank you for my wells for my  bike I rily like it a  lot ol so can you make a masosher for  my mom and dad. by Reilly

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the racecar set (not legos) that I lost.

Can you PLEASE make my family happy on Cristmas morning for my mom?

You are  the BEST

Love, Alexander H

Mt. Shasta Elementary

Mrs. Stokes’ class

Dear Santa,

Are you, Mrs. Claus, and the Eleves staying healthy? How are you doing? Thank you for all the time we got to spend with famly. I whould like a Ninga traning sword. love Anders

P.S. my sister is two and can’t write she would like something pink.

Thanks Santa!

Anders Adkisson

Dear Santa,

I would like a toy bird for christmas.



“Dear Santa,”

Thank you for everyhthing I got last year. Dose Rudolph really have a red nose? Jow do the reindeer fly? May I have a MyLittePony human set.

your frined Rylee

Dear Santa,

Thank you Santa for the  cars last year. santa how do you get the  presents? Santa I want for christmas a motorcycle and A guitar. love Brody.


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you? How are your elves? How are your reindeer and Rudolph? Thank you for the  giant chocolate bar last year! I keep eating it but not to  often. I hope I have been good this year. I hope you come to visit  on Christmas eve.

I wish for something special of your choice.

Your friend, 


Dear Santa, I’m so excited for Christmas. I  would like a ninjaset for Christmas. Can you get me that please? I love how you have all of those lights you have on Douglas Lane. I love the  hot chocolate. I hope I get to go this year. Love Ender Kirby.

Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for my  presents and especislly my pjamus and for Christmas I want a  dog.



Dear Santa,

Thank you for my big stuffy dog. Are the elves good with you Santa? I would like a stuf charmander.

Love James

Dear St. Nicholas,

thank you for letting Elfie watch me  over these Christmas years. I like the  suprise of finding Elfie ever day sometimes, he makes big messes.

I hope you travel safe this year! I would like a drone for me and dog socks for my dog. Love, Jolie.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving me the electric scooter. How  many efls do you have? Can you give Gran a new phone? Can I please have some  Legos and a hypoallergenic dog and air pods pro.

You’r friend, Malia.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the legos. How did rudolph get a  red nose? For x mas I want a cat, your Friend


Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the asome stuff that I got last year. Where do you go for vacation? I would like some Snap Ships



Dear santa claus Thank you for all of presents you gave me last year. I want a new swetor and hats. 



Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for the stufy last year. Do reindeer realy fly? For christmas I would like a real rabbit.

Love Sally.

Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for all the presents last year. Where do you go for vacation? I want a ninja training sword and a ninja suit.



Dear santa Clause,

Thank you for my Ipod  last year, I appreacite it. This year I want a computer. I want a computer for playing games and editing  pictures. I have a question, does your sliegh really fly?

Love Tenley

Weed Elementary School

Der Santa,

My name is Bently I was a good boy I wat a hoverboard please

Your friend


Dear Santa

my name is Ross I live in Weed oregen st ive been good beauscase I have famiy and freinds and what I want is a rc car and a electric scooter and a elf on a shelf and I whant to be a billon air and a surf board that can fly and I want Hollween to be mine and I wants sants hat can I have it and I want your suit can I have your elf and this time leave me some of the cookies and milk

Your friend

Ross to Santa

Dear Santa,

I name is Allisono I live in Weed, CA. I have been very good this year. please bring me trampoline and a hoverboard

your friend


Dear Santa,

My name is Nevaeh I live in Weed CA. I have been very good. this year please bring I yont a LOL and yont 6 Lol. I yonts a hover board. I yonts a bogo Brdes. 



Dear Santa,

My name is Daysi. I live in Weed, CA. I have been very good this year. Please bring me lino King and Hercules Toy and move and a trampoline.

Your friend


Dere Santa

My name is Logan I live at 374 Weed street im a good by please gie me a good cat a PS 5 and a cenpyotor.

Your fend


Dear Santa

My name is Santiago. I am 7 years old. I live in Weed Ca. with my fomoly. This year I been good. I would really like you to bring me a drone with a camra and a arsy car and a arsy boat.

Your frind



My name is Newelle a PS 5 and iPhone and I want people to have giving and I want a broecalet.



Dear Santa Claus

My name is Brody I am 8 years old I want a TV and XBox and rayman and puppy and Among Us.



Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Evalynn, I am 7 I live in Weed, CA with my family this year I have been unpaking and been good I would like a fish also want you to make people make fridns

Your kind friend


Dear Santa

My name is Caden i whant fnorr plusnis and toys too. and i would like if you cood help the sick and homles pelease. have a joly crismase :)

Your friende


Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Diego. I am 8 years old. I live in Weed, CA With my famiy This yer I have been good. Can you pring me a PS5 and a cute puppy also sum toys and amongus Plushy also a iPhone12.

Your friend


Dear Santa,

My name is Elanor. I an 8 year old. I live in Weed, CA whith my family. Th is year I have been kind. I would like you to breeing me a bike.



Dear Santa,

My name is Annalyn. I am 7. I live in Weed CA with my family. this year I have been cinda good. All I want for christmas is my dad to come. Please.

love Annalynn

dear Santa

I am 8 yers d. This year, I have been really good. I would really like it if you cowd bring me a LOL doll and unicorn diary also a slime kit.

Thank you and merry Christmas.


Dear Santa,

My name is Titus. I am 7 years old. I live in Mount Shasta CA. This year, I have vbeen kind if good. I would really like it if you would ring me a hover board, a hand control drone, a hover soccer ball, and a X box

Thank you and Merry chrismas


Dear Santa

My name is Sasha. I am seven years old I live in Weed Ca this year i’ve been very very good. i would really like if youd bring me a new shark puppet and a PS5. I also want a new lockd diery and pencils

thank you and merry Chrismas


Dear Santa

my name is Thomas I am 8 years old. I live in Weed. I have been really good I would really like if you could ring me Nerf Gear and Stars wars gear. and BB8 Merry Cristmas


Dear Santa,

My name is Jahnessa. 

I am 7 years old. I live in Weed California. I have been really akward laitley. I would really like it if you could bring me my dad, me and my brother cauld get along better please.


Merry christmas thank you Santa!

Dear Santa,

My name is Ronon. 

I am 7. 

I live in Weed.

I have been good. I would like a toy tree panda book and cooking stuff




Dear Santa,

My name is Jackson. I am 7 year old. Thas year I have bin good. I live in Weed Ca. can you bring Spiderman Star Wars drones and light sabrs

thank you and marey chistmis


Dear Santa Claws,

My name is Elliott. I am 8 years old. I live in weed california. This year I have been really good. I would really like it if you would bring me a white kitten and a pink glow in the dark fish.

Thank you and

erry Chrismas!


Dear Santa

my nam is Dayana. I am 8 uears old. I live in Weed California. This year I hav been really good tis year. I would really like it if you could bring me a puppy for christmas. Think you and Merry christmas.


to Santa

I am 7 years old I live in California this year i been realy good I want a trasformer.

Pokemon Wi.

thak you and marry christmas!


dear Santa

My name is Jaxson. I am 8 yers old I live in Weed, Ca. this year I have been super good. Can you bring me a electric bike. and a bmx bike as well. may I Please hav a hoverboard. can I meet bmx Caieden? and can I have a trampline.

thank you. marry chrismas.


Dear Santa

my name is Kamerin I am 7 years old I live in Weed I was very Good I really really want to have a real unicorn and I really really want a real cat that can listen to me.

tank you and meary Chirsmes Santa!

Kamerin heely

Dear Santa

Im 7 years old and I live in Weed California this year I have been really good and funny I would really like it if you could bring me golw in the dark lights and a white kitten and a barbie house.

Tankyou and Merry chirismas


Dear Santa

My name is Christopher I wode like if you code bring me a arc car a gun that makes the Perfect snowball a Electric bike a Electric scooter a arc dirt ike i am 7 years old

Thank you and meery Christmas


Dear Santa,

My name is Jade. I am 8 years old. I live in weed california. This year, I have been really good. For christmas I want a kitten, stuffies and a good friend

From Jade 

to Santa

Dear Santa claus

My name is Thailina. I am 8 yeare old. I live in Weed This year I have been really Good. I would really like it if you could bring me, I really want a electric scooter

Thank you and merry Christmas