Weed community celebrates Thanksgiving at the Merc

Deborra Brannon
Community members serve Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. Left to right, James Oliver, Carole Nichols, Chere Redman, June Watson, and Ai Katsurada.

No one went hungry at the 12th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the Weed Revitalization Committee/Weed Family Resource Center Thursday at the Mercantile.

More than 75 community members signed in and took their plates through a serving line whose volunteer roster included a visitor to the area from Japan.

Ai Katsurada smiled broadly as she ladled food onto plates. She said she is visiting Frances and Rudy Pucci in Lake Shastina.

Frances Pucci was just a few steps away with her microphone, amplifier, and recorded accompaniment, singing old favorites to the crowd as they ate.

Young Anthony Amezcua and Kevin Guadarrama handled the front of the house, welcoming people as they arrived and signing them in.

The two boys also circulated in the dining area with the dessert wagon when needed.