Quilts of Valor honor Vietnam War veterans in Mount Shasta

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Receiving Quilts of Valor from the Shasta Lily Quilt Guild on Feb. 7, 2018 in Mount Shasta were, left to right, Fred Salanti, Tony Ginocchio, Wesley Dutt and Chuck Konvalin. Submitted

Four Quilts of Valor were awarded to veterans of the War in Vietnam on Feb. 7 in Mount Shasta.

The quilts were presented by Shasta Lily Quilt Guild Vice President Judy Sartor to Wesley Dutt, Sgt. Chuck Konvalin, Sgt. Major Tony Ginocchio, and Major Fred Salanti.

They were pieced by members of the Guild and quilted by Guild President Sally Eagleman.

The ceremony in the Shadow Mountain Mobile Home Park Red Room on South Old Stage Rd. began with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The following information about the quilt recipients was submitted by the Shasta Lily Quilt Guild:

Wesley Dutt served as a US Army MP in Quang Tri province from 1969-1970. He was joined by his wife and wrapped in his quilt by friend Sally Eagleman.

Sgt. Chuck Konvalin served as a US Army MP from 1968-1971. He was wrapped in his quilt by wife Sue, a member of the Shasta Lilies.

Sgt. Major Tony Ginocchio served in the US Army Special Forces from 1965-1983. He was wrapped in his quilt by Guild member Peggy Smith.

Major Fred Salanti served in US Army Military Intelligence from 1966-1978. He was wrapped in his quilt by childhood friend and Guild member Vicki Melo.

All Quilts of Valor must be quilted by volunteers.