Weed High Hall of Fame inductees

Steve Gerace
Event emcee Mike Carpine helps Becky Quigley put on her new Weed High School Athletic Hall of Fame jacket during Saturday night’s 2014 induction ceremony at Sons Hall in Weed. Quigley, who was instrumental in getting the Cougar ski and snowboard race program started while she was a high school sophomore, is a 2004 WHS graduate and the youngest member of the Hall of Fame. Like many of this year’s inductees, she spoke of those affected by the Boles Fire and community support. “Weed was an unbelievably supportive place to grow up,” she said. “I will always be proud to call Weed home.”

Coach John Sjoblom and Rob Moser, a player he coached on section championship football and baseball teams, were both inducted into the Weed High School Athletic Hall of Fame three times Saturday night at Sons Hall.

Sjoblom entered as a coach and Moser was one of 10 athletes who joined the Hall in 2014.

They also entered with the 1983-84 football team and 1985 baseball team, both coached by Sjoblom.

Kerry Williams, the only athlete in school history to play on three section championship teams, was inducted and entertained the full house crowd as he thanked his coaches, teachers and others.

Hall of Fame committee members decided to go forward with the induction ceremony despite the devastation done the Monday before by the Boles Fire.

Afterwards, committee members Mike Carpine and Dan DeRoss agreed that the event was good for spirits.

“Thanks to all who came tonight, especially those affected by the fire,” Sjoblom said at the end of his acceptance speech. “We will stand together.”

Many other pledges of support were given during the night.

Other individual athletes entering the Hall were Noel DeBortoli, Corina Peruzzi, Ben Bowen, Roger Pauletto, Savon Maxwell, Becky Quigley, Tony Tallerico, and Michael Guider.

Jim Taylor was the first recipient of the Hall of Fame’s Community Member award.

Hud Oates was the first member to enter the Hall in the school service category.