Wimpy attitudes cause U.S. kids to lose career opportunities

Celia Baker
American Society for Quality Gallup poll Family.com failure
    • Failure is not living in accordance with values. When children cheat, lie or don't take responsibility for themselves, then they fail.
    • When children buy into popular culture's definition of success, for example, being overly concerned with popularity or appearance, then they fail.
    • Failure involves children not giving their best effort, making poor decisions and not doing what is in their best interest.
    • When children look for the easy way out, are influenced by peer pressure and act in ways that can hurt them, then they fail.
    • Failure also means treating others poorly and not giving back to their families, communities and the world as a whole. When children are selfish, uncaring and disrespectful of the world in which they live, then they fail.