Free disaster relief food, supplies at Church of Christ

Richard DuPertuis

Weed residents displaced by the Boles fire are eligible for free boxes of food and supplies. These are part of a relief program set up by the Church of Christ, and are available for pick up now.

A food box is setup to feed a family of four for five to seven days, according to Amy Redelsperger, who answered the phone at the Weed Church of Christ Thursday.

“We also have an infant box, which has formula, baby food and diapers,” she said. “And a cleaning bucket with soap, detergent, bleach,” she said.

Also available is a personal care box, which includes toothbrushes, first aid kit, razors, deodorant, and much more, according to list of items dropped off at the Weed Police Department.

Redelsperger said trucks arrived with the boxes Sept. 22. The list notes 325 food boxes and 120 cleaning buckets per truck. Also, 48 personal care boxes and 36 infant care boxes came in on the first truck.

She said all boxes can be picked up at the Weed Church of Christ, 19104 First Avenue off Highway 97 past Angel Valley, in the Carrick neighborhood.

“There’s plenty left. We are open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday. We will assess the need, but I think we’ll go another week,” Redelsperger said.

She emphasized that the relief items are intended only for Weed residents affected by the Boles Fire.

“We will be taking names and addresses for followup,” she said. “Oh, and we encourage anyone who has taken a people in to come and pick up the boxes for them.”

This effort to provide food and supplies for the displaced is the work of Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, Inc. out of Nashville, Tennessee.