'No more important cause'

Liz Pyles
Pinwheels were planted in front of Mount Shasta City Hall on Friday, April 14, 2017 to raise awareness about child abuse prevention. Helping to plant the pinwheels were, left to right, Police Chief Parish Cross, Beautification Committee head Lorie Saunders, Mayor Kathy Morter, Deputy Clerk Kathy Wilson, Siskiyou Community Services Council Program Director Lisa McCauley, Jack Saunders, and, in front, West Lawrence.  By Liz Pyles

Five hundred pinwheels printed with “Every Child Matters” have been planted throughout Siskiyou County to raise awareness about child abuse and prevention during April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Pinwheels were planted Friday among the plants and flowers in front of Mount Shasta City Hall and Police Department.

“On behalf of the council and all the citizens of Mount Shasta, we are pleased to support this cause,” said Mayor Kathy Morter. “There is no more important cause than giving children a healthy life so that they can have a future.”

The pinwheels were planted by Morter, Mount Shasta Police Chief Parish Cross, Deputy Clerk Kathy Wilson, Lorie Saunders, head of the Beautification Committee, along with her husband Jack and grandson West Lawrence, and CSC Program Director Lisa McCauley.