App Finder: Top apps for cat lovers

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Looking for an app to keep your cat (and yourself) occupied? Or are you looking for something to help you be a better cat owner? Check out these top suggestions.

FRISKIES JITTERBUG: This is a game for your cat. (It works best on the iPad, but you can do it on your iPhone, too.) The game has bugs that scurry across the screen, and as your cat swipes them, the bugs are killed. Your cat wins the game if he kills all the bugs!

Free for iOS.

HUMAN-TO-CAT TRANSLATOR: How many times have you wished your cat could understand what you’re saying? Well wait no more. This app translates your phrases into cat language. No more will you have communication problems.

Free for iOS and Android.

CAT PIANO CONCERTO: Another cat game that will amuse you and your feline friend. The game brings up a keyboard that - when you cat steps across it or swipes it (or when you swipe it) - plays musical meows.

99 cents for iOS.

PET FIRST AID: And finally, a serious app. This was featured in our dog app suggestions, but it’s a great app for cat owners as well. The app tells you how to treat various illnesses and injuries, and when you need to get to a vet asap. There are videos and illustrations dealing with a host of situations.

99 cents for iOS and Android.

Hot app of the week

SWIPE THE ARROWS: The premise is simple - you swipe the black arrows in one direction and the striped arrows in the other direction. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, and it’s thoroughly addicting.

Free for iOS.

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