Problems involving snow discussed by MCSD

Shareen Strauss

Snowstorms left more than two feet of snow in McCloud last month, causing plowing and trash pickup problems for the McCloud Community Services District.

Board members discussed these issues at their March 11 meeting.

Public Works Superintendent Amos McAbier reported that the plow truck was not effective and the loader and backhoe were challenged with hanging or downed utility lines throughout town.

During one of the storms, the MCSD’s flatbed plow broke down and was out of service for a few days. Taking longer to clear the alleys of snow, the services district received many complaints about snow and slush in the alleys and the inaccessibility caused by tall berms at the end of the alleys left by the county from plowing the streets.

The district’s current policy states that the MCSD does not plow until there are at least six inches of snow. But with four inches of slush from one storm making navigating the alleys difficult, MCSD Public Works will in the future use discretion to accommodate for different kinds of snow conditions.

General Manager Kevin Dalton reported that trash cans precariously placed atop snow berms will not be collected, as it poses a safety hazard. The district recommends that the area around the refuse containers be free of obstacles including snow with a clearance of three feet on each side of the can.

Warnings have been issued and the district can impose citations and fines for violations.

The board also discussed the option to open financial management training which the board undergoes to the public and other local agencies.

This would help relieve some of the district’s financial burden in bringing the training to town.

There was no action taken regarding CSDA Board of Directors Call for Nominations – Seat B.

Acting Chief Scott Boone with the McCloud Fire Department reported 26 activities for the month of February, 18 of which were calls for emergency service.

The department responded to 17 calls, 13 medical aid calls in which the ambulance responded 7 times, and transported 6 patients. Squad 1740 responded 17 times to 5 traffic collisions, 1 hazmat and 11 medical calls, Boone reported.