Mount Shasta students raising funds for trip to Germany

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Members of the 2015 German Exchange Group of Mount Shasta are raising funds to travel to Germany next summer.

Eleven high school students and one 2014 Mount Shasta High School graduate are members of the 2015 German Exchange Group of Mount Shasta that is raising funds to travel to Germany.

The students plan to stay with German host families from June 16 to 30, 2015, then take a seven-day European tour of other countries, visiting the Northern Italian Alps, Venice, Milan and Paris, France.

Their funding goal is $900 each, one-fourth of the total cost of the trip. Parents will fund the remainder, according to information received from parent Stacey Shoemaker, who will be a chaperone for the trip.

The Mount Shasta group includes 11th graders Alex Noorzad and Anna Thornton; 10th graders Jaden Anderson, Elliott Benda, Chandler Berg, Hunter Moyer, Katarina Pautz, Rhianna Ramshaw, Nick Schwartz, Bella Williams, and Wrenna Williams; and 2014 graduate Sarah Thornton.

The students are scheduled to meet up with 13 students from Happy Camp High, four students from Weed High, and former Happy Camp High School Principal Angelika Brown, who will serve as their tour guide.

Brown started traveling with students in 2003 and has taken over 80 Siskiyou Union High School students to Germany since that time. This will be her sixth German exchange trip.

Students chosen to participate in the trip, according to Stacey Shoemaker, “are ambitious, curious individuals who value growth; believe in the importance of understanding their world; and wish to learn about another culture through living history.”

The program is designed to teach students “how to be global citizens gaining meaningful life experiences, which are vital components to becoming well-rounded adults,” Shoemaker states in an email. “The knowledge gained through international travel helps students open their eyes to the world, mature and influences their decisions about college and career paths.”

Fundraisers so far have included two bake sales, a car wash, a wood raffle, and a candle fundraiser.

In December students will continue their candle fund-raising and early next year plan to sell homemade international foods. In the spring the students plan to have a fund-raising dinner at Mike & Tony’s restaurant, and bag groceries at Ray’s Food Place in Mount Shasta.

Anyone interested in supporting the 2015 German Exchange Group of Mount Shasta can contact chaperones Karen Pautz (530-261-1297) or Stacey Shoemaker (530-859-0309).