Expect delays while USFS nails Parks Creek Road into place

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
A google map showing Stewart Springs Road and National Forest System Road 42N17 (Parks Creek Road), west of Interstate 5 in the Mt. Shasta area.

Intermittent delays of up to one hour with no immediate detours are expected while the US Forest Service’s Shasta McCloud Management Unit does road reconstruction and maintenance work on Parks Creek Road from Aug. 24 to Sept. 17.

Roadwork is planned for weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., beginning at the Stewart Springs Road junction and continuing approximately one mile north on Parks Creek Road, which is also known as National Forest System Road 42N17.

Parks Creek Road, according to a Shasta-Trinity National Forest news release, “has slowly been deteriorating and, as a result, has created slumps or depressions in the road surface due to the unsettling of the rocky material underneath the road.”

The work will include installing steel micropiles, which resemble large nails, through the road and into the bedrock to stabilize the road, according to the release. That will essentially nail the road into place.

The Forest Service says micropiles “need to be installed approximately every six feet at critical segments along the first half-mile of the road, which will require the road to be completely reconstructed along the repaired segments, including new pavement. The road improvements will result in safer public access.”

The work is a component of the Parks Eddy Watershed Restoration project. Some of the project work began earlier this year and will continue over a five year period.

Watershed restoration projects include maintaining, reconstructing, closing or decommissioning approximately 103 miles of roads, user created routes, and trails to reduce their effects on the watersheds, water quality, other sensitive habitats (e.g. wetlands and meadows), and improve public safety, according to the release.

Projects implemented this summer include improving vehicle access to West Parks Creek and Caldwell Lakes trailheads and decommissioning a road by restoring back to native terrain and drainage patterns.

A new non-motorized trail to Caldwell Lakes that meets national trail standards is being constructed.

For more information contact transportation planner Dustin Bonivert at (530) 926-9624.