Dunsmuir has newest Tesla destination charger

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
The new Tesla charging station at Dunsmuir Lodge went online Nov. 13. Submitted photo

The Dunsmuir Lodge in Dunsmuir is the newest destination charger in Tesla’s Destination Charging network.

Lodge owner Eric Burger said he initially contacted Tesla, was approved for installation, and construction was finished and chargers online on Nov. 13.

The Dunsmuir Lodge has also purchased adapters so it can service most electric cars on the road that travel long distances, according to Burger.

He said they had their first customer, a Chevy Volt, within four days of being listed on PlugShare map, and their second customer was a Tesla.

Burger said he “is excited to be a part of this new paradigm shift in our society.” He states in a press release that has been an e-car fan since he was young, watching local Bay Area engineers and hobbyists convert mostly Bugs and Rabbits to electric drive.

Charging will be free to overnight guests of Dunsmuir Lodge, while drive-in charges will be charged a fixed rate, as there is no meter to charge a kw/hr/rate.

Dunsmuir Lodge has two units in place, with 24 feet of cable to service multiple parking spots.

Burger mentions that “Manfredi’s gas station nearby sells sandwiches, and we have a great view from our back lawns while drop-in charging customers wait. We also have a large field out back to take a stroll and feel like you’re in the woods.”