Snow forecast for Mt. Shasta area Tuesday to Wednesday a.m.

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Mount Shasta Herald

In the midst of a very dry December, the National Weather Service is forecasting snow levels may get as low as 2,000 feet in the north state due to a storm system arriving early Tuesday afternoon and lasting into Wednesday morning.

In its Winter Weather Advisory, NWS says total snow accumulations of 2 to 6 inches are expected, with localized amounts up to 8 inches. The forecast area includes the Mt. Shasta area, Klamath River Valley, and the cities of Yreka and Tennant.

Caltrans District 2 issued a press release encouraging motorists traveling into the higher elevations outside of Redding to carry chains and be prepared for winter driving conditions.

Depending on the intensity of the system, Caltrans says truck screening may take place at Fawndale Road for Northbound Interstate 5 travelers.

Caltrans Maintenance crews will be staffed for vehicle screening, and will implement as necessary. With limited space at chain-on stations north of Redding, this screening helps prevent a high influx of traffic reaching those areas that are then unable to chain. Screening also assists in controlling traffic volume along the Interstate during inclement weather.

According to Caltrans, the terrain along Interstate 5 between Redding and the Oregon border varies between lower and higher elevations. Motorists traveling in lower areas may experience rain or little precipitation, then encounter snow when climbing into higher areas, and may be required to install chains prior to encountering snow areas.

Winter weather driving information can be viewed at the District 2 Winter Maintenance and Operations webpage:

Information on chain requirements can be viewed here:

For more information, contact the District 2 Public Information Office during business hours at (530) 225-3426. The District 2 Road Conditions Hotline is available 24/7 at (530) 225-3452.

After the brief storm, NWS is forecasting partly cloudy to sunny weather with little chance of precipitation through Christmas day in the Mt. Shasta area.