Wet weather returns, Mt. Shasta Area CHP cites vehicle physics

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

With rain finally falling in northern California, the California Highway Patrol is reminding motorists that “many crashes result from driving too fast, so the first and foremost tip is: Slow down.”

The Mount Shasta Area CHP reported that unsafe speed caused the driver of a semi-tractor pulling a trailer loaded with Christmas trees to lose control and slide into an unoccupied Department of Transportation vehicle on Interstate 5 south of LaMoine Wednesday morning at about quarter past 10.

No injuries were sustained, but the semi-tractor’s fuel tank ruptured and leaked approximately 50 gallons of diesel fuel, according to a CHP report. One of two lanes was temporarily blocked while emergency personnel worked to get it open again.

“It’s a simple matter of physics that your vehicle can’t stop as fast or turn as accurately on wet or icy pavement,” according to the CHP report. “And in fog, reduced speed is equally important because vision is impaired.”

Fire-impacted areas

Caltrans District 2 says in a press release that it is “prepared for responding to weather-related issues in case the rain or snow severely hit fire-impacted areas. At Caltrans D2 we are monitoring the highways and areas close to the #CarrFire, #DeltaFire, and #HirzFire as we know these areas are vulnerable to flooding, rock-falling and slides.

“In District 2, which serves Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, Modoc, Lassen, Tehama and Plumas Counties, Caltrans Maintenance crews are working throughout the Thanksgiving Weekend, while teams from Dispatch/TMC, PIO, North Area Construction and Prime Contractors are also monitoring closely while on call to promptly respond to emergencies.”

Statewide, Caltrans says it is prepared as follows:

• Caltrans has been working with civil engineers, geologists, and meteorologists throughout the state to anticipate debris and mudflows in the fire-impacted areas.

• Caltrans resources including equipment, people, and supplies like hay bales are pre-positioned near the highways to be activated in case of emergencies.

• Caltrans HQ communications center in Sacramento is open 24 hours a day throughout the storm and will monitor areas affected by fires.

You can check QuickMap on the Caltrans webpage for the latest road conditions prior to your holiday travel.