What kind of mowers are there?

Lynn Celmer

Cutting through the overgrowth of available lawn mowing products can be rough.

To help those on the market for new equipment, here is a breakdown of the different types of lawnmowers available.

Reel Mower

These old-fashioned mowers are propelled solely by the person cutting the grass. These models are attractive to the pollution-conscious consumer because they dont use gasoline and oil, therefore they have no harmful emissions. Accidents also happen less frequently with this type of mower.

Electric Mower

Electric mowers are relatively inexpensive to operate because they require no tune-ups. They also are another environmentally friendly option because they produce essentially no pollution from exhaust emissions or through fuel evaporation. Neighbors will also be happy as they don't produce much noise.

Push Mower

These mowers are ideal for people with smaller, level lawns. Although they are relatively cheap and easy to use, they do take more work to push then other models. Because they are less-complex that self-propelled mowers, they also tend to break down less often.

Self-propelled Mower

Self-propelled mowers are good for larger yards with a slope. Many of them offer adjustable speeds for the operator so they can walk at a comfortable pace. They also take some of the work out of mowing, as they help propel the mower forward.

Riding Mower

These are usually used by those with a yard at least a half-acre or more. The time it takes to mow the lawn will be significantly reduced with this type of mower, but it also requires more storage space than a regular mower.