Sports fans -- time to watch 'Evita'

Todd Porter

Random notes, thoughts, quips and quotes from the weekend sporting scene ...

Certainly we’ve all heard “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,” but this is getting a little ridiculous.

Argentineans owned the American sporting world the last two weeks. So much so, it might be time to finally watch “Evita” but never admit it.

Argentina native son Manu Ginobili came off the bench to sweep the Cavaliers out of the NBA Finals. Oh sure, Tony Parker was the MVP, but put Eva Longoria on Ginobili’s arm, and he easily could have been the pick.

Incidentally, “Evita” was a musical adapted from the life of Eva Peron, who may or may not have been related to Eva Longoria.

We’ve come to learn that Manu Ginobili, loosely translated, means “man-up you bag of baloney,” which will be the mantra of the four guys on the court with LeBron next season.

On a glorious Father’s Day Sunday, there is Angel Cabrera, huffing and puffing his way to a U.S. Open championship. Never mind that Cabrera accepted the trophy through an interpreter (shouldn’t you have to speak the language to win the U.S. Open?), but he won it the way an American ought to win it.

Belly hanging over waistline, smoke a throat heater a hole, and smile the entire time.

Cabrera looked like he had fun. Tiger Woods looked like he had a root canal.

... NBC knows how to televise a golf tournament, particular a major. When the network’s leading sports personality was interjected into the coverage, Bob Costas didn’t swallow the mic or allow ego to engulf the TV. He did his part and stepped out of the way.

ESPN, on the other hand, should explain this to Chris Berman. He stopped being entertaining a while ago. And no, Oakmont, doesn’t have more church pews than the Vatican. That was just one example of how Berman’s boyish, and boorish, antics distracted from the coverage.

... NEWSFLASH from the TV guys: U.S. Open television ratings blew last year’s out of the water. Tiger Woods was in contention this year. He was sipping margaritas on the weekend last year after missing the cut.

... WEWS Channel 5 cleaned up on the Cavs run to the NBA Finals, but not like the ABC affiliate in San Antonio.

According to WEWS Director of Programming and Research Gary Stark, the Cavs drew a 34 rating for Game 1, 27 during the Game 2 blowout against Tony Soprano, a 33 rating for Game 3 and a 31 rating for Game 4. One rating point represents about 15,000 households in the Cleveland-Akron-Canton market.

There are about 1.5 million TV viewing homes in the Northeast Ohio market.

Of course, the ratings in San Antonio were at least 10 rating points higher every night.

Still, the Indians were drawing about a 6 or 7 rating, Stark said, going up against the Cavs.

... There isn’t a better golf analyst than Johnny Miller. His explanation of the shots played — those played well and those played terribly — was right on. His description of Cabrera “he has a squadron of butterflies flying in different directions” was colorful.

Miller also goofed off a bit. He talked about Vijay Singh’s ankle injury, which he turned in a hole during a practice round, and how Singh treated the ankle with cryogenic. “He’s right there with Ted Williams.”

... Ohio State paid $800,000 to have FieldTurf installed. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the Buckeyes got their money’s worth.

There is a Block “O” at the 50-yard line with scarlet end zones that read “Ohio State” in one, “Buckeyes” in the other.

... Hey, anyone seen Donyell Marshall?

... OK, enough with the e-mails and voice mails about LeBron James being celebrated for having a second child out of wedlock. The guess here is both kids will be well taken care of, as well as their kids, and their kids’ kids.

It may not be your choice of starting a family, but Eva Peron was born out of wedlock. And once, again, all things come back to Argentina.

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