Missing woman's boyfriend gives alibi to authorities

Todd Porter

As search crews try again to find 26-year-old and nine-months

pregnant Jessie M. Davis, the attorney for her boyfriend, Bobby Cutts Jr.,

says his client met with Stark County sheriff’s deputies and the FBI for

nearly three hours Wednesday morning and provided them with an alibi and

timeline of his whereabouts from the night of June 13 to the morning of June


No one is known to have seen or spoken to Davis since the night of  June 13.

Her 2-year-old son was found alone in her Lake Township duplex two days

later, on Friday.

Bradley Iams, who represents Cutts, spoke with The Repository Thursday


Cutts, a Canton police officer since 2000, “did provide the FBI with names

and places of his whereabouts and most of those, I believe, are tied to

phone calls,” Iams said. “(Wednesday) he and I sat down with sheriffs and an

FBI agent and went back through everything and provided them with, I assume,

the same information.”

Iams said Cutts had talked with local authorities early in the investigation

without an attorney present.

“My understanding is, when he first came to the (search) scene, he was asked

to talk to them and he agreed to talk to them without a lawyer,” Iams said.

“He knows me. We have a relationship.

“I told him at this point forward, any contact he has (with investigators)

he should have an attorney involved. ... I think he’s answered everything

question they had. He didn’t avoid answering any questions.”

Iams represented Cutts  in 2003 when Cutts was accused of lying about how

his service weapon ended up with a relative. Canton tried to fire him from

the police force, but he was ordered reinstated by an arbitrator after a

jury found him not guilty. The record of that case, said Iams, was sealed.

“He was indicted and it went to trial. ... Once he was acquitted, we made a

motion to have the records sealed. It went to an arbitrator, and he was

awarded his job back with back pay. ... It was nonsense. It was a cousin of

his who was looking at a life sentence, and they offered him a deal to

implicate Bobby. The jury didn’t believe anything (the cousin) said.”

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