LA, NY have first-place teams, and Chicago's stuck with this?

Paul Ladewski

First inning

Cubs sluggers Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez go deep, and White Sox center fielder Darin Erstad gets hurt again, but the media seem to be more interested in the blonde in the white tank top in an adjacent suite.

Funny, but I don’t hear any complaints about the new press box at The Cell NOW.

Second inning

All I can think is, both Los Angeles and New York have a first-place team, and Chicago is stuck with THIS?

Third inning

Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano has whiffed seven of the first nine batters. If you don’t count Juan Uribe, only eight of them are major leaguers, though.

Fourth inning

Home-plate umpire Ed Rapuano calls out Paul Konerko on a pitch that’s only a foot low and 6 inches inside. Bet you didn’t know Rapuano is Italian for “instant replay,” did you?

Fifth inning

Where’s the buzz? Is it just me, or have Sox fans lost their passion for the Crosstown Showdown ever since their team won the World Series two years ago?

Sixth inning

A few kids can be seen at Fundamentals in the upper deck in left field. If I’m Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen, I send my whole team there after the game.

Seventh inning

Konerko homers. Must be The Curse of Michael Barrett.

Eighth inning

Guillen calls on the bullpen, and 14 Cubs reach for a bat in the visitor’s dugout.

Ninth inning

Tadahito Iguchi is rung up on a pitch that’s a foot outside. OK, maybe Rapuano stands for “blurred vision.”

Hey, Sox fans, look at it this way: The Bears preseason opener is just 50 days away.

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