Sox-Yankees set record

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The 16 combined runs the White Sox and Yankees scored in the second inning Thursday were the most ever for a second inning in major league history. The output also marked the second time in baseball history that both teams have scored at least eight runs in the same inning. Detroit (8) and Texas (10) accomplished the feat on May 8, 2004.

More from that inning

90: pitches thrown, 36 in the top half, 54 in the bottom.

12:23: Time (CDT) the inning began.

1:23. Time (CDT) the inning ended.

8: Runs allowed by Roger Clemens.

3: Earned runs allowed by Clemens

3: Loud, distinctive sets of boos Clemens received during the inning.

9: Sox hits in the top half of the inning.

9: Yankees hits in the bottom half (season high).

1 2/3: Innings Clemens threw, his shortest outing since June 14, 2000.

1 1/3: Innings Jon Garland threw, tying his career-low.

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