Jonie Larson, Regional Editor


        Editors: Please find below the budget for "War Comes Home" ... A look at the war in Iraq by the numbers. Check out who in Illinois is making money on the war in stories and graphics broken down by region to find out the financial powerhouses in your area. Other stories focus on who is serving from Illinois, casualties, injuries and finally who returns and to what.

        We've set it up as a two-day package with a release date of Aug. 12. Run a portion or all of the package for as many days as you like. It is being released to you early to allow you time to further localize (find ideas for how to make this local in the budget below) and package the materials.

        The budget includes main bar stories, sidebars, breakouts, graphs and photographs. It is being published under "special reports" on the www.gatehousenewsservice.com Web site.

        A good many papers in Illinois have contributed to the project. We hope you find it useful for your readers. Any questions, please phone Regional Editor Jonie Larson at 217-816-3343.


        (For publication Aug. 12 and after)

        LOGO: .63 x 1.63 inches

        Day 1


        WAR COMES HOME: We in Illinois sometimes think of the War on Terror as far away, across the sea, "over there."  But it's closer to home than many of us may realize. The evidence is scattered across the state: here, nourishing a local economy through a defense contract with a hometown industry; there, in the tears of those who mourn 177 dead and thousands of wounded. HEUPEL

        MAIN BAR

        DEFENSE CONTRACTS MOVE ILLINOIS ... : Businesses in Illinois have capitalized on federal defense contracts awarded for goods and services since 9/11. Just who has received the most and what does it mean to the state of Illinois? CHAMBERS

        BREAKOUTS – CONTRACTS PROVIDE LONG-STANDING BENEFIT ... : State divided into four regions, with comments from a top contractor or contractors in each region. Regionalized for newspapers to use those most relevant to their readers.

        LOCALIZATION: You can localize further if there’s a company in your area that has military contracts that we didn’t talk to. See chart for list of top 10 companies per region. Ask about how the war has impacted their bottom line.


          1) MILITARY CONTRACTS MAP: Shows top 10 contracts awarded by region. ROCKFORD/5 columns x 17.24 inches.

          2) MILITARY CONTRACTS BY REGION: Major map broken down into four separate graphics by region for use in tighter news holes. ROCKFORD/2 columns x 11.5 inches

          3) MILITARY CONTRACTS YEARLY: Chart shows increase in amount of business contracts awarded to the state before and after the war began. ROCKFORD/2 columns x 8.89 inches.

        PROFILE OF A SOLDIER: This is not your father's war. Illinois National Guard soldiers who are likely to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan range from age 17 to 64. One in six is a female. Some are high school dropouts, but a larger number are college graduates or hold advanced degrees. HEUPEL

        LOCALIZATION: Do you have a soldier in your area who served in both wars? This would be a nice local sidebar.

        BREAKOUT: ENLISTMENTS AND ENTICEMENTS - Listing of military branches and incentives. HEUPEL

        ART: Vietnam veteran pilot, Lay from Minonk. 5 photos. PEORIA

        GRAPHIC – IRAQ VS. VIETNAM: Compares Vietnam and Iraq profiles. ROCKFORD/2 columns x 4.7inches.

        DEATH TOLL CONTINUES TO CLIMB: As of Aug. 3, 177 service members - regular military, reservists and Guard members - from the state have been killed in action, according to the office of Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who attends nearly every military funeral for an Illinois service member. HEUPEL

        GRAPHIC – MILITARY DEATHS - Large graphic naming all those who have died in military roles since 9/11. ROCKFORD/4 columns x 10.85 inches.

        DUCKWORTHS’ COMMITMENTS ... : Soldier and state officer Tammy Duckworth's personal story and that of her husband who was just deployed. HEUPEL

        ART: Duckworth seeing her husband off. Two photos. PEORIA

        VIGNETTES – SOLDIERS GIVING  ... : Short profiles from newspapers around the state of soldiers from their areas. Choose those you wish to feature. (I tightened this)

        LOCALIZATION: Feel free to lead this with a vignette from your area or town.

       Day 2


        COMING HOME, BUT FACING REDEPLOYMENT: Serving in the military in some  far-flung locale, with loved ones thousands of miles away, is never easy. Just ask Frank Bart or Tom Root, who are profiled here today.

        MAIN BAR

        REINTEGRATION: SOLDIERS CHANGED ... : When Major Frank Bart was preparing to return to Illinois from Iraq in May, he wasn't sure exactly what to expect ... "Coming back home was more difficult than I thought," Bart said.   Bart's type of experience is one reason the Illinois National Guard is beefing up its efforts to help Army and Air Guard soldiers readjust to civilian life, a process it calls reintegration. FINKE

        BREAKOUTS: WHERE DO I GO FOR HELP?: The state Veterans Affairs department is not the only place to find assistance. Organizations such as the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars can provide a variety of assistance and information about veterans' benefit programs. SIDEBAR AND SHORT Q & A. FINKE

        LOCALIZATION: Catch up with a soldier who has returned in your area to see what he or she went through in reintegrating.

        ART: Suggested photos ... Every paper has covered the tearful and joyful returns of troops. Using a file shot with a cutline or caption header suggesting: What's next for this soldier in returning to civilian life? Would be appropriate for these stories.

        POLICE CHIEF SERVES MULTIPLE TOURS: Police Chief Tom Root, like so many others in Illinois, has been called up for active duty more than once. What does that do to a family or a town? COLINDRES

        ART: Root. 2 photos. PEORIA