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Jean Hodges, National Editor

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Did you know there are half a million sex offenders in the United States, which is the same as the population in all of Wyoming? Get ready for the sex offender national project. Running Aug. 25-26.

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CONTROLLING CRITTERS - Massachusetts Society for the Protection Against Cruelty to Animals discuss "responsible control" of beavers and coyotes. MetroWest Daily News, Parietti, 10 inches, 6 p.m.

HUTCHINS CLEMENCY POSSIBLE - Rep. Delahunt will formally request clemency for Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins, the Plymouth Marine convicted of murdering an Iraqi man and sentenced to 15 years. Hutchins may have a chance, as the seven other members of his group who pled guilty or were convicted in the murder are now free, say Marine leaders at Camp Pendleton. One military leader has the power to decide what's next for Hutchins / Patriot Ledger, Conkey, 15 inches, 6 p.m.

ART: With file photo of Hutchins

PICASSO-40TH -- Happy 40th birthday, whatever you are. Chicago officials Wednesday staged a party at the base of the iconic but enigmatic Picasso sculpture that adorns Daley Plaza. It was four decades ago that then-Mayor Richard J. Daley dedicated the 50-foot-tall cubist work, which Picasso designed at no fee for Chicago.  RAMSEY/ evening/


VOLUNTEERS: In the wake of the flood, volunteers from other states, many of whom have experienced tragedies and helped in other relief efforts, poured into Rockford to help us out. Local volunteers stepped up, too. There are at least 127 of them, and they'll be here for two more weeks. Who are these people and why do they take joy in helping out Rockford? Story is a mix of profiles of some interesting volunteers as well as a general look at the role of volunteers in the clean-up. GURMAN/Rockford Register Star/evening/Illinois

OBAMA ENDORSED: Being formally endorsed for president by Illinois Democrats. Schoenburg/ Springfield/ evening/Illinois


GOING GLOBAL - New Balance president emeritus watched the global athletic shoe market develop. Patriot Ledger, Bauer, 18 inches, 6 p.m.

ART: With photos


MIKE NADEL COLUMN -- Cheer up, sports fans, it’s not all bad. A Peoria, Ill., teenager named Adam Baker recently e-mailed: “With all of the trouble in the NBA with the referee betting, the NFL in the Michael Vick case, MLB with Barry Bonds and the doping at the Tour de France, would you say there is a huge, dark cloud covering sports?” Well, sure, but only if we insist upon getting lost in the cloud. Column reviews some of the high points in sports of late. In / Sports columnists / Nadel

FAST LANE: Jane Miller motorsport column. MILLER/ evening/ Illinois Sports.

LADEWSKI COLUMN: On Brian Griese and the joys of a backup quarterback. LADEWSKI/ Southtown/ evening/ Illinois Sports

PRO BEACH VOLLEYBALL- Package of two stories with photos as Quincy prepares for weekend professional tournament. Patriot Ledger, 6 p.m.


EDITORIAL - While leaders in Beijing are finally beginning to emerge from their state of denial and bringing their famed hammer down on manufacturers, it is incumbent upon our food and drug and trade officials to enforce quality control standards before these items hit the marketplace. Patriot Ledger, 14 inches

CONSUMER, HEAL THYSELF: (Health Care For All column) Medical errors kill nearly 100,000 Americans each year, about the same as three sold out Sox games. The state Legislature is considering legislation that will promote safer care and consumer/physician partnerships. Patriot Ledger, 18 inches

GRANLUND CARTOON – On big toy recall. MetroWest / in / Cartoons

JERRY MOORE COLUMN -- If Barry Bonds didn’t exist, self-righteous sports fans would have to invent him just to satisfy their pious natures. In / Opinions columnists

ART: column mug

GRANLUND CARTOON – College tuition cartoon. MetroWest / In / Cartoons

GRANLUND CARTOON – On mortgages. MetroWest / In / Cartoons

Lifestyles (Thursday is Home & Garden)

PLAN YOUR PLANTING – If you’re embarking on a major gardening project, plotting it out on paper first can save you time and a lot of money. Great to localize.  Peoria / In / Home & Garden

ART: pic

EXTERIOR LIGHTING -- A warm glow spills from ankle-high path lights along a walkway, bulbs angled upward illuminate the rough texture of a tree trunk or a cluster of vibrantly colored flowers against the black backdrop of the night sky. Finely crafted exterior lighting is the perfect blend of form and function. Liberty Chicago / In / Home & Garden

Art: Pics

TOM MARTIN COLUMN -- Once you're "knee deep in the hoopla," it's hard to climb out, even after 22 years. The nsews of the rock band Starship playing locally sent me reeling back to a ghastly time in music, 1985. That's when Starship released the pinnacle of rock music's 1980s badness with the single, "We Built This City." The song was No. 1 on the Billboard charts for two weeks in November 1985, a testament to a distracted and misguided people. … The truth is, the mid-'80s were dark times and Starship did not act unilaterally. Galesburg / In / Entertainment & Opinions Tom Martin

Coming tomorrow (Friday is Faith)

MILLER COLUMN – Getting in the Zone, a new Christian men’s group, isn’t for everyone. In / Religion

‘SUPERBAD’ – Movie profile, including three stars of this coming of age movie. When a teen-centered high school comedy works, it can be a rollicking joy to watch. Cases in point: “American Graffiti” and “American Pie.” When it doesn’t, well, if you’ve already bought your ticket, you might as well take a nap. Cases in point: “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Career Opportunities” and countless others.?    ?“Superbad” comes across as an offbeat love child of “Graffiti” and “Pie.” It’s raucous but smart. It’s outrageous but sweet. Symkus / CNC / In / Entertainment

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BIG 10 – Football capsules for all Big Ten teams, including stats, quotes, etc. SUPINIE / moving Friday