National Budget for 8.28.07

Jean Hodges, National Editor

GateHouse News Service National Budget

For 8.28.07 editions

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SCHOOLS EXPEL JUNK FOOD - School districts introducing healthier lunch offerings to students, from whole wheat pizza to veggie burgers, as they comply with Massachusetts state mandate. The Enterprise, Alspach, 22 inches, 6 p.m.

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WRONG BUS, WHAT TO DO: (Good one to localize for your area) Kindergartner put on the wrong bus got himself home by walking up to stranger’s house and asking her to call mom. In general, what kids should do if they end up on the wrong bus and how often this happens. SHERMAN/SPRINGFIELD/this evening/Illinois News

GREECE TIES - Local Greek-Americans with connections back home or concerns about massive wildfires that have reportedly burned across half the country. MetroWest Daily News, Reuell, 15 inches, 6 p.m.

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RENEWABLE ENERGY - The renewable energy industry may get a boost from Washington, and the South Shore – aiming to become a leader in wind power production – could benefit. Patriot Ledger, Saldinger, 15 inches, on wire now


MEGLIOLA COLUMN: GOOD TIMES AHEAD IN THE HUB  - It starts now. You live around here? Love sports? This is your time. We'll begin in the present. That would be the Red Sox. (We'll get to your other teams in a minute). MetroWest Daily News, 20 inches, on wire now

DOUBTS ABOUT RED SOX - With the Boston Red Sox set to invade Yankee Stadium for a three game series against their arch rivals, the New York Yankees, some Sox fans doubt their team’s seven 1/2 game division lead will hold. Patriot Ledger, Benson, 12 inches, on wire now

PGA GOLF TOURNEY PREVIEW - the Deutsche Bank Championship at the Tournament Players Club of Boston in Norton has become a major player on the PGA Tour. The Enterprise, DiCesare, 18 inches, 6 p.m.

 NEVER TOO OLD – 58-year-old boxer from Hull, Mass., defends his national title during National Masters Championship tournament in Kansas. Patriot Ledger, Miller, 25 inches, on wire now

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MIKE NADEL:  The upcoming Cubs-Brewers series and the wild race in the NL Central highlight this week's Best of The Baldest Truth. NADEL/CHICAGO/moving early evening/Mike Nadel and Illinois Sports.

CUBS —Advance on big series vs. Brewers that starts Tuesday. What does this series mean? What does the last month hold for the Cubs? — VORVA ANALYSIS / In this evening / Illinois sports

COLLEGE FOOTBALL SERIES – Featuring Illinois, with glance. CRONIN / In this evening/ Illinois sports



GRANLUND CARTOON – Gonzales resigning. METROWEST / in / Cartoons

PHILIP MADDOCKS COLUMN: President tries to calm investors by making edits on Wikipedia. President Bush announced on Thursday that he had edited the entry on Wikipedia on subprime mortgages to change all mentions of "credit crisis" to "credit liquidity." CNC West, on wire now

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JULIA SPITZ COLUMN: Baby boomers get blamed for everything. MetroWest Daily News

EDITORIAL: SEX OFFENDER PACKAGE - Everyone wants to make children safe from sexual predators, but, as a GateHouse News Service series details, some solutions with political appeal don't appear to work. States and municipalities should learn from the experience of others and focus on approaches with better prospects for success. MetroWest Daily News, 6 p.m.

EDITORIAL HOT CARS: It is difficult to write about a tragedy such as this, yet given the numbers of children who have died in hot cars, it seems even worse to stay silent. SPRINGFIELD/posted Saturday/Illinois Opinion

BRITT CARTOON – Schools without air-conditioning. CHRIS BRITT /SPRINGFIELD/ posted/Illinois Opinion

JEFF VRABEL COLUMN – An end-of-summer hot dog column on Fast Franks. In /  Lifestyles / Vrabel

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NOAH BLUNDO COLUMN – The real reason Noah cut off all of his hair. With before and after mugs. In / Blundo, Noah

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Lifestyles (Tuesday is Health & Fitness)

SCHOOL NURSE: Today’s school nurse has a lot on plate. MILFORD, Mass. / In / Health

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WHAT’S UP DOC? – Don’t ignore groin pain. HERSH / METROWEST / In / Health

WEST NILE Q&A – Thorough look at West Nile. McPHERSON SENTINEL / In / Health

DOLLS HELP AFRICAN CHILDREN - Throughout the South Shore, knitters have created hundreds of dolls for donation to Children Affected By HIV/AIDS. Patriot Ledger, Standring, 25 inches, on wire now

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CHEESY RECIPES – Nutritionist offers a couple of tasty recipes. SPRINGFIELD / In / Food

CRITICS CUPBOARD – Snapple Black Tea, two spatulas down. CANTON / in / Beverages

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