Night clubs offer parents and kids a chance to dance

Wendy Bulawa

Standing in a highly populated nightclub during daylight hours may seem the anti-thing to do in Boston, but at the Revolution Rock Bar and Lounge on High Street, it seems absolutely appropriate. The sidewalk outside is filled with strollers, while a greeter armed with a clipboard checks off arrivals, who today are children aged 6 months to 6 years (with parents in tow).

In the dimly lit lounge, children of varying ages shake their booties—Pampers and all. Some grab egg shakers, scarves, and prance amid clouds of bubbles as their parents, arranged neatly around the perimeter of the room or dancing alongside, sip an adult beverage or read the Sunday paper. It’s an afternoon of free-form funk, melodic harmonies and clean disco beats that have become the trademark of burgeoning brainchild Baby Loves Disco (

Baby Loves Disco (BLD) was co-founded by Heather Murphy, a mom seeking to shelve the standard local park and museum scene and instead engage children in a form of physical fitness. As a dancer herself, Murphy knew well the benefits of exercise and decided to pair dancing with favorite music from her past—disco. After receiving hundreds of compliments, Heather moved the idea from her home to a local Philadelphia lounge and invited friends of friends to attend. It was at one of these events that Murphy met entrepreneur, music industry notable, and father Andy Blackman Hurwitz, who convinced the stay-at-home mom to partner up—and BLD was officially born.

Today, BLD events are held once a month in nearly 20 cities across the country including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. “We wanted to create a community event where parents and children can enjoy an entertainment experience together,” said Blackman Hurwitz. “My kids love to dance with me and I feel that is the coolest part.”

Local mom, photographer and former television producer Kristin Chalmers was the perfect fit to hostess Boston area parties given her history as a DJ, rapper and dancer. Her experience in the club scene afforded her a unique ability to situate BLD in a city filled with early adopters. As such, the monthly events have sold out well in advance since the official launch in January 2007.

“Baby Loves Disco is one of the hottest tickets in town,” she said. “It’s the type of event where parents can bring and enjoy their kids, while regaining a sense of what it feels like to be hip.”

Christina D’Urbano, director of marketing for the Revolution Rock Bar, believed an opportunity to bring something unique and positive to the city of Boston was afoot. “It sounded like such a cool concept, and as a hip, new bar – it seemed a perfect fit—and a great way to see our space utilized!” The Revolution Rock Bar was the first nightclub to realize the potential of BLD and has since become home to the monthly engagements.

“There is a nice combination of moms and dads bringing their kids. While fathers arrive with the idea that it is cheesy, they end up having a great time,” said Chalmers. The staff has even carved out a location for a ‘Daddy’s Den’ where fathers can go to enjoy Sunday sports and have a cocktail, but still be close to the action.

Moms and kids on the other hand end up spending anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours on the dance floor or at the snack table—another BLD perk. Sponsored by Wild Oats, the snack table is filled with nutritious fruit, cheeses, juice boxes, pita chips and more. Local organic baby food manufacturer Little Lettice (, founded by mother of four Sara Cabot, is also sampled at these events, giving parents an opportunity to trial organic baby food in the form of apple or sweet potato puree, and lentils and vegetables.

Also on site at BLD events are a series of rotating vendors who provide massages, eye brow waxing/shaping and face painting. Overall, the event can be likened to a carnival complete with spa treatments, free food and great music. Boston’s only female professional juggler, Jenny the Juggler (, has recently been spotted at BLD events in Boston. She brings with her numerous party talents including face painting, balloon artist, magician, and performer. According to Tyler Prather, age 7 from Hudson, “The face painting is my favorite part so far!”

BLD founder Murphy thought of everything as each party is equipped with at least one, fully stocked diaper changing station. In addition, BLD events organize a ‘chill out area’ complete with soft toys, pillows, books, puzzles and tents—a location where children can take a breather in between sets and moms can breast feed infants in comfort. Internationally-recognized DJ Kon is the master of spin at BLD events, filling the space with a mix of new wave, 70’s, 80’s soul and disco beats from the Thomson Twins, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, and of course, disco favorites, the Bee Gees. 

Janet Taylor of Billerica waited three months to attend her very first BLD event. From her perspective, “it feels more like a festival than a nightclub. It’s not too crowded and everyone is having a blast.”

Some parents feel a children’s event at a nightclub sends the wrong message. “We are obviously sensitive to the fact that some families may not be comfortable with this forum. However, I often suggest those families come to a party since we know they’ll have a great time and the experience won’t be nearly what they may have originally imagined.” 

Susan Longhenry, director of museum learning for Boston’s famed Museum of Fine Arts and regular BLD attendee agrees, “This event is not about the venue or availability of alcohol for adults. It’s about the fun, bubble machines and dancing. The event gives us something to do together as a family while positively channeling the physical energy that all children have. What better way to do it than dancing to disco?”

For those looking for something new to do, Baby Loves Disco may be just the ticket -- if you can get your hands on them before they sell out!