GateHouse News Service Regional Budget (for 12/05/07 editions)

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GateHouse News Service Regional Budget (for 12/05/07 editions)

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PEARL HARBOR: Memories of Pearl Harbor still sharp in mind of Illinois veteran.

STATE BRIEFS: A collection of briefs from GateHouse newspapers across the state. Posted by 6 p.m. / Illinois and Illinois News.

ATV DANGER: Off-road vehicles quite popular -- but also perilous. ROCKFORD.

TAMARA GOODWIN: Woman who tried to slash throat of local physician who had treated her elderly boyfriend is scheduled to plead. Dettro, SJR / Evening / Illinois and Illinois News.

FHWA ADMINISTRATOR: J. Richard Capka is taking a look at the MacArthur extension during visit to Springfield today (he's also speaking to a group of engineers). But apparently his big pitch is for public/private partnerships to pay for road, bridge improvements, etc., such as the city of Chicago leasing the Skyway to a private company for 99 years. Landis  photo planned/J.Kirshner SJR / Evening / Illinois and Illinois News.

POLICE SHOOTING. A Peoria police officer, who has yet to be named, shot a 26-year old Peoria man, Carl D. Gore, twice when he repeatedly refused to obey commands to stop and raised the rifle he was carrying at the officer. Gore was shot in the thigh and elbow, non-life-threatening injuries, police said. We'll see what Gore's record is, try to talk to his family and see what the chief has to say. We'll also see if the Police Department has changed the way it handles these situations since it seems the officer was NOT shooting to kill. Or did he just miss hitting a deadly body part? FARK. PJS / Evening / Illinois and Illinois News.

XMAS TREE FARMS. (w/pics, w/factbox) Featuring a newer tree farm in Bartonville - Warren Tree Farm - and talking with owners about how weather affects would-be Christmas tree shoppers. Saturday's ice storm didn't affect those cutting down trees and owners expect next weekend to be busy, too. KOCH. PJS / Evening / Illinois and Illinois News.

MACOMB THREAT A 16-year-old female was arrested overnight on solicitation of murder charges for making threats against Macomb High School students and staff. Fellow students read the threats on an Internet blog and reported it to the FBI late Monday afternoon. We're trying to find out when her court appearance is today. POSPESCHIL PJS / Evening / Illinois and Illinois News.

RAPE CASE: Expert for prosecution testifies in Rockford man's trial in rape case. ROCKFORD.


MIKE NADEL: As the Giants proved once again, the best way to keep the Bears from scoring is to do anything but kick the football to Devin Hester. Evening / Mike Nadel, Sports Columns, etc.

TROJAN HORSE: While Southern Cal is known more for producing quarterbacks to the NFL, the Trojans can also play defense. USC is ranked No. 2 defensively heading into the Rose Bowl against Illinois. SUPINIE. Champaign. Illinois sports and Big Ten. Moving this evening.


CHRIS BRITT: Cartoon on the housing market crash.