Man convicted in deadly hit-and-run gets maximum sentence

John Zick

Facing the man who took her son's life was almost more than Julianne Bacon could bear.

“This is for my son,” she said.

Bacon confronted Kyle Bradley on Monday in Chemung County Court, shortly before he was sentenced to 2.3 to 7 years in state prison for leaving the scene of an accident that killed Steven Bacon.

“(Bradley) was a coward for leaving,” Julianne Bacon said. “(Bradley) wants me to feel sorry for him ... my son was 17 years old.”

Steven Bacon was killed while riding his bicycle shortly after 9 p.m. March 22 on state Route 427 in Ashland.

Bradley - who was convicted of leaving the scene of a fatal accident but acquitted of manslaughter charges that carried up to 15 years in state prison - didn't stop to assist Steven Bacon, nor did he call for help.

“I'd like to apologize (to the victim's family) for taking their loved one,” Bradley said. “If I could do anything to take it back ... I sure would do that.”

Judge Peter Buckley blasted Bradley for the severity of his crime and his criminal history.

“Inexcusable,” the judge said. “You are a consistently horrendous driver. It was only a matter of time before you killed somebody.”

Buckley said Bradley, 28, has amassed approximately 18 citations for poor driving during the last 10 years. Additionally, the Sayre, Pa., man has more than five criminal convictions, Buckley said.

“Who is Kyle Bradley?” Buckley said. “I've been adding it all up ... and it's not pretty.”

Bradley, who initially said he thought he struck a deer, said his actions that night are “haunting.”

“There's nothing I can say to bring (Bacon) back,” he said.

Buckley argued Bradley's actions are consistent with his history.

“You just don't seem to get it,” Buckley said. “You knew you didn't hit a deer and you lied about it ... This sentence is long overdue.”

Chemung County District Attorney John Trice argued for the maximum sentence, while defense attorney Ray Schlather pleaded for leniency.

Schlather said Bradley is a devoted family man who doesn't deserve a lengthy prison term.

Trice said the real Kyle Bradley was the one who left Steven Bacon to die.