Shooter in fatal accident was not with hunting party

John Anderson

The alleged shooter who killed a hunter on Saturday morning while deer hunting was not in the same hunting party as the deceased.

Amity-based State police said Brandon D. Haugh, 30, of Geneseo, was killed by another hunter at approximately 8:55 a.m. in Almond, just near the Burns town line.

Allegany County District Attorney Terrance Parker said Haugh was struck in the back of the neck by a .30-06 rifle round at a distance of approximately 85 yards and died instantly.

The name of the shooter has not been released, but Parker said he is a male in his 30’s and the two were not in the same hunting party. The investigation could take until Friday. The shooter said he thought Haugh was a deer.

“It appears at this point, it was someone who heard a noise, saw movement and took a shot,” said Parker. “The noise and movement turned out to be another hunter.”

Parker said the incident report from state police will say if Haugh was wearing florescent orange and a hat along with other factors.

“I have to decide whether criminal charges are warranted or if there will be charges from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC),” said Parker. “If you ever take the hunter training safety course, there is a whole segment on when to shoot and not to shoot and that would seem to violate those tenents.”

Parker said of the scene, “It was overgrown ... Visibility was very poor.”

Haugh was transported to the Monroe County Medical Examiner's office in Rochester for an autopsy.

“(The alleged shooter) was been interviewed and gave a statement to the environmental conservation officers to what he recalled,” said Parker. “The agencies did a reconstruction and plotted out who was where at the time of the shooting.”