Mom and son victims of carjacking from Dorchester to Quincy

Don Conkey

A mother and her 14-year-old son were forced into a car at gunpoint in Dorchester and brought on a harrowing ride before being let out of the vehicle in Quincy.

Boston police said they received a call shortly before 7 a.m. Friday from a woman who said she had seen her daughter and grandson get carjacked at gunpoint at 26 Lyndhurst St., Dorchester.

Police responded, and several witnesses told officers that two men had approached the victims in front of that address.

According to witnesses, police said, one of the men pulled a gun from his coat pocket and pointed it at the driver of the motor vehicle and forced her from the driver’s seat to the passenger side.

The other man approached the passenger side, removed the driver’s 14-year-old son and forced him to the back seat, police said.

The men then drove the victim’s car up Lyndhurst St., toward Washington Street, police said.

Boston police said the adult victim later told officers that after forcing their way into her car, the men drove to her home in Dorchester, and that one man had a gun and that the second man had been armed with a knife.

The victim told police that when they arrived at her house, the men attempted to gain entry.

The men, however, became nervous and fled before they were able get into the house, police said.

The men then drove to Quincy, and the victims were let out of the car in the area of 7 Doble St., police said.

The men then drove off in the vehicle.

Police described both of the men as being black, about 6 feet in height, with medium builds. One was wearing a brown three-quarter-length hooded sweatshirt, and the other was wearing a three-quarter-length army fatigue-looking coat.

Police said that the stolen car is a gray 1999 Toyota Camry, with a Massachusetts license plate reading 4839ST.

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