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Lifestyles (Thursday is Home & Garden)

PROTECTING YOUR PLANTS: Most people’s gardens are under a nice, insulating blanket of snow right now. But Jana Lamboy, assistant professor of horticulture at Finger Lakes Community College, says it’s never too early to think about strategies for protecting precious flowers, vegetables and trees from being nibbled or otherwise damaged by deer. MESSENGER POST / in / home & garden

ART: pic

HOME HELP: Weekly home rail, leading with keeping your feathered friends fed without breaking the bank. IN / home & garden

SALT DAMAGE: Just how damaging to your vehicle is the salt and other stuff they spray on the roads these days? And what's it do to your plants? REYNOLDS/SPRINGFIELD/Illinois News

THE BEER NUT: Rising beer prices make me hopping mad. Norman Miller.


Offers links to these stories:

Two features on "Juno" director Jason Reitman

Review of "Starting Out in the Evening," by Alexander

Review of "Kite Runner," by Gorfinkle

Review of “I Am Legend”, Alexander

Review of “I’m Not There”, Nick Rogers


ELIZABETH DAVIES: Healthier generation of kids starts with school lunches. ROCKFORD /in / opinions, davies

GARY BROWN: Buy a pig this Christmas. CANTON /in / opinions

DEIRDRE REILLY: Thank you, Unknown Soldiers.

MAHONEY TOON: On President Bush, Red Ryders, Christmas wish lists and Iran.

PETER CHIANCA: Don‚t let holiday stress go to your head.

EDITORIAL: The altruistic cry by both the NFL and cable operators that they are only looking out for their fans‚ best interests rings hollow when you see that hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake for two industries that play the public interest card to the max. 15'', Ledger.


 85 AND STILL RUNNING: Like Forest Gump in the 1994 movie, Marion resident Guy  "Pete" Peterson started running as a child and still hasn't stopped. Peterson logged sprints to the mailbox as a child, then ran in the military, and extended to jogs between home and school jobs in Creal Springs and Pittsburg. And he's still going. MARION/posted/Illinois News, Illinois Sports and GHNS Sports.

MIKE NADEL: If the New England Patriots win their last three regular-season games and then follow with a perfect playoff run, where will they rank among the NFL's all-time great teams? Nadel and Pro-football/moving early.

BIG TEN NOTEBOOK: Chalk up another decisive win for the Atlantic Coast Conference in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. Popovich, Canton.


WRITERS RALLY: TV writers strike to hit Harvard Square on Friday with rally. 

UNCOMMON BONDS: Families of missing persons unite to find answers. WEST CHICAGO/posted with art/Illinois News.