All Things Rad: Quiet — Oprah is talking

Kevin Haas

World-renowned influencer Oprah Winfrey has decided once again to tell you what to do. This time she’s weighing in on the most important and critical decision of the decade.

I’m talking of course about the outcome of “I Love New York 2.” Winfrey prefers Taylor Made, and she’s going around the country telling you why.

Also, she’s making some low-profile endorsements in some sort of “presidential” race.

Winfrey, who goes simply by “Oprah” in the same spirit as “Madonna” or how Dick Cheney is often called simply “Satan,” has been referred to as one of the most influential women in the nation. Her presidential endorsement will prove whether that’s an apt title, or if “most influential” is a little generous, like calling Cedric the Entertainer a “King of Comedy.”

Oprah is on the campaign trail to support Democrat Barack “the patriotic candidate with the funny name” Obama over Hillary “I wear the pantsuit in this family” Clinton.

Celebrity endorsements are necessary because, as it turns out, these

presidential-type elections are left up to the American Public. The very same American Public that made “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” a box office hit.

Oprah started her praise of Obama last week in Iowa, an important swing state, which is the only time something can go both ways and still have Republicans pander to it.

But a New York Times poll found about 14 percent of people said they’d be less likely to vote for Obama with Oprah in his corner.

And Hillary Clinton, the poll said, has bigger star power in her corner by the name of Bill Clinton, a famous swinger and ladies’ man who is not believed to have any connection to Hillary other than similar last names.

The polls said 44 percent of Democrats will support Hillary because of Bill, probably in the same way many Republicans voted in the last election for George Bush because his name sounded eerily familiar, for some reason, which they couldn’t put their finger on.

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